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  1. Can't.
    In outdoor feeding will cause cats to encounter a lot of danger and may suffer death seriously. Cats are animals with strong territory, but it does not need too broad living space. As long as the cat adapts to its own life field, it will be satisfied even if it is a small single room.
    The cats in the room, as long as you ensure that the cat has sufficient active space, and then prepare some cats that love toys, often accompany it to play. In fact, it is not only simpler and convenient to raise cats in this way, but also avoid unpredictable risks outdoors.
    Extension information:
    The hazards of outdoor cats:

    1, outdoor breeding, cats are prone to traffic accidents and other accidents. The city of car is very incompatible with the cat. Cats like to scramble on the streets and alleys. There are often cat accidents in car accidents, which will threaten the safety of cats.
    2, outdoor feeding will affect the health of cats and people. Cats raised outdoors will look more sloppy, it is easy to infect bacteria, and it is easy to be transmitted to the disease by other stray cats. Moreover, cats have many diseases that are affected by humans, which will cause cat owners to have hidden dangers.
    3, outdoor breeding, it will easily lose the cat. Cat's curiosity is very heavy, because there is no restrictions on the territory, it will keep looking out. Sometimes I am immersed in playing with other wild cats, and I can't find my way home slowly, and finally I became a stray cat.
    4, outdoors, cats are vulnerable to malicious injuries. There are many psychological abnormal cats in the society. Cat abuse occurs frequently. It is severely used to drive stray cats with means of poisoning. This is the potential risk of outdoor cats.

  2. Can cats be very tangled in China in China? Why do you say that? Analysis from the following points:
    . The history and evolution of the cat
    The ancestors of the Asian cat are Indian desert cats. Therefore, the cat’s hair is not waterproof and it is easy to get wet by water. This is why many cats do not like to take a bath; in addition, cats do not like drinking water does not mean that the cat does not thirst, but the ancestor's living environment. Guide cats to drink plenty of water, which is conducive to their urinary system.
    The cats belong to cats in zoology classification, and it is also lion, tiger, and leopard in one family. Cats have a strong sense of territory and do not like group residence. They hunt alone. They inspect its territory every day and use the way of rubbing the body or urine. This is to ensure that there is sufficient food sources. However, with the domestication of humans, some cats no longer worry about food problems, and they have also begun to accept group life. However, cats are still born and hunters, not for food but hunting. Therefore, foreign cats often receive various "gifts" by cats brought home, including birds, mice, and even rabbits ...

    . In terms of environment
    Many cats have cat holes installed at the door of the cat, which is convenient for cats to enter and exit freely, but the premise is that the cat has sterilized, because the cat's fertility is still very strong. If it is not controlled, it may cause the wandering cat to flood!

    The environment is relatively clean and hygienic; education is also very good. Most people include children who love small animals and will not hurt them. So cats are still very safe outside.
    It is not a news report. Cats who will make a bus yourself, and cats who will make sightseeing trains!
    It look at the domestic environment, it is really not so good. The five major threats of cats are nourishing outdoors: (1) sanitary and messy; (2) children, seeing cats caught up excitedly, screaming loudly, screaming, screaming, screaming, And parents do not understand how to educate children. Cats will hiding and even caught children because of fear. At this time, you will become a sinner who raises a cat ...; (3) car accident; (4) other stray cats; (5) Catch the cats (selling cat meat)

    . Legal aspects
    The foreign animal protection laws and organizations abroad Strictly observe. The cats of the owner have implanted chips, scanned with professional scanning guns, the names of the pets, and the owner's information can be seen, just like our ID card.
    The relevant regulations in China are not sound. Small animals are less guaranteed. If there is any problem, it is difficult to get the corresponding protection in case of any problems.

    The on the case, whether it can be kept outdoors, the key is to depend on the environment, how the cat's physical condition is, whether there is sterilization and whether there is vaccine.
    Is my answer can help you.

  3. It is best not to support it outdoors, because the cats and dogs are different, and cats may be frightened when they are outside, or they lose their estrus. In addition, cats often are easily infected with bacteria, so do not let cats go out. Adult cats need sterilization, which is good for cat's future health.
    It is not good or bad for men to raise cats, it depends on whether you like it or not.

  4. Looking at the cat's personality, the cat who did not come back when my cat ran away, and the cat, who was the most lovely, would go to get off work with her mother and mixed it out of dinner every day. The worst is four months out, and I ran back again

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