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  1. Cat ear mites are constantly breeding in the cat ear canal because of ear mites, and more and more dark brown dirt is increasing. The owner needs to deal with it in a timely manner. Treatment of cat ear mites must be cleaned every day, not only to clean up the dirt visible to the naked eye. Ear mites deep in the cat ear canal must be treated.
    . Obsorsis
    The owner found that a cat infected with ear mites, and the cat must be isolated in time to reduce the scope of its activity, so as to avoid the cats walking around You can close the cat in a separate cage or in the room, and then wipe the sofas, floors and furniture at home with diluted disinfection water. Cat rice bowls, cat nests, etc. are cleaned up, and then take measures to deal with cat's ear mites.
    . Use pet cleaning liquid
    Plip the pet cleaning liquid with cotton swabs first, clean the dark brown visible earwax and earwax in the cat ear canal, and then drip the pet cleaning liquid into the cat directly into the cat In the ear canal, then gently rub the cat's ears to allow the ear washing to flow into the depths of the ear canal. The remaining liquid allows the cat to throw it out by themselves, and then wipe it clean.
    . Regular deworming
    The owner should regularly remove the cat's in vitro deworming. After the cat's hair blows dry, dripping places where the cat's neck cannot lick. Do not want to prevent ear mites invading, the owner still needs to check the cat ear canal regularly, clean the cat's ear canal regularly, and do not give the ear -breed breeding bed.
    The owner should also pay attention to supplementing nutrition to the cat. In addition to feeding cat food, you can feed some meat and vegetables and vegetables, or feed cats to supplement nutritional cream to supplement nutrition.

  2. Use the following methods for cats to remove ear mites:
    1. Clean the cat's earwax first, then 3 drops of ear drops in the inner ear, rub the ears roots, and clean daily cleaning once a week.
    2, the cat's inner ear has a lot of bacteria, and there may be mites. It must be used to clean it. It is recommended to use meow to wash the ear canal infection. Extract solution.

  3. According to the severity of your cat's ear mites
    , ordinary medicines are used if generally, such as Erkang. Generally, pet shops are sold
    It. Treatment of cat skin diseases, but it has a strange effect on ear mites
    . If more serious, use petfen and boric acid borneols to mix with
    , This is very important
    I I wish your cat for a soonest recovery

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