4 thoughts on “Which variety of cats do not like to get sick and raise worry?”

  1. There are actually many cats of cats. In addition to cats like Chinese pastoral cats who naturally reproduce naturally, there are many cats that come from in purely artificial reproduction. These natural pet cats are completely breed by artificial breeding. It can be said that there will be no human intervention, there will be no these cats. Many pet cats have only appeared in recent decades. Although these new pet cats are more in line with human aesthetics and needs, their physical condition is not optimistic. Many pet cats have completely lost their ability to live in the wild. If you want to raise cats a little more worry -free, and want to raise varieties, it is recommended to raise the following varieties. Because the following varieties of cats are relatively stable cats after hundreds of years of reproduction. Not only do they have a good personality, but they are also stronger.
    The first type: Siamese cat
    Siamese cat is a Thai cat and a symbol of Thailand. Its name has already reflected its status. At the beginning, the Siamese cat was the god cat raised in the temple, which was a symbol of distinguished. Siamese cats are relatively strong varieties of cats, lively and active, and do not like to get sick. If you want to raise a worry -free breed, Siamese cat is definitely your first choice.
    The second type: British short blue cat
    has a lot of cats in the British short family, but in fact they were originally breed from blue cats. Blue cats are famous cats with a long history. They are elegant and wealthy like British gentlemen. British short blue cats have a more healthy body shape and stronger bones than other British short cats. They are one of the healthiest cats. If you like elegant and rich cats, then British short cats are definitely the most suitable choice.
    The third type: American short -haired cat
    American short -haired cats are the richest or not. Although this kind of cat is a variety of cats, it was originally a working cat. Probably because of work attributes, they are strong in size and are well -proportioned. They are sports cats. A qualified American short -haired cat has a majestic temperament like a small tiger and is very leading. Beauty shorts are also very suitable as pet cats. They are not only lively and active, but also very healthy and rarely get sick.
    These three types of cats are cats with relatively stable genes. They have a stronger physical fitness than puppet cats or hairless cats in modern times. Although it is a variety of cats, it is not coquettish at all, and sometimes even stronger than the stray cat outside.

  2. Of course, it is a rural cat, which is the native cat that we often call, especially the cute big orange, just take a vaccine. Usually prepare some cat food, and even if you do n’t need to buy anything, you can raise it. With reference to the flower orange cats raised in rural areas when we were young

  3. Tanuki cat does not like to get sick. This is a particularly powerful rural cat. They are particularly strong and can eat and drink. Grasp the mice, run around every day.

  4. Tanuki cat, orange cat. These varieties belong to the native cats. They are easy to raise, have good physical strength, are not easy to get sick, and they will find food by themselves without worrying about their survival.

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