1 thought on “How can I make cats be well -behaved”

  1. In addition to describing the character's character, there is also the owner's breeding method and the unknown of the cat's social method, which also causes most cats to be so well -behaved in the owner.

    Themoly and sticky people who want cats and sticky people are the key. Only when cats have a certain prediction ability for your behavior can it make friendly and relaxed responses.
    Coustically control your behavior and emotions in the process of associated with cats. Sudden movement or exaggerated tone tone will destroy the sense of security of the cat, and then stay away from you.
    So the peaceful and regular behavior can promote cats to be closer to us. At the same time, we must also know that cat's emotional expression will be more restrained and deep.

    In our opinion, sticking people are always with the owner. In the eyes of cats, when I go home from get off work, go to the door to meet, use the tail to pinch you, and see that the computer is lying on the keyboard and it is already the limit.
    It's obedience to the cat, that is, the shoveling officer does not make too much movement when he sleeps.
    . In general, the psychological activity of the cat after you do not like what you don't like: "I know that the shovel officer doesn't like this, but I want to do it, I have the ability to bite me."

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