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  1. Originally, I also wanted to buy a dog. Today I went to Dali New Pet Market. It was really disappointed. Although there are many varieties and very cute, I don’t find it surprising that I borrowed the sick dogs answered upstairs. The pet market looked at it. I don't want to go too close, it is too stinky. It comes from ten meters away. I have a stinky face. I took a look from a distance and left. I want to say that the dogs and cats have life. Why isn't the stinky environment sick? Besides, they are puppies. They are inherently poor. For buyers, we who like dogs at least do the image of your own shop and pack them well for dogs and cats. Remove the odor, so that you will add points to the image of yourself and the store, and do a good job of adding points for after -sales reputation. Regarding the stimulant, I did n’t know if I did n’t buy it on the week, so I did n’t make suggestions. I ca n’t kill it. For pets and shoveling officers, they choose to raise pets, so they will take good care of them and will return them to them to bring you a reward to you. [Have you accompanied me] Title

  2. Guangzhou: Huadi Bay Flower, Birds, Birds, Fishes, Fishes, Fishes, Fish and Worms, there are many pets in it. Then there is the Qingping pet market, close to the upper and lower nine roads

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