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  1. First of all, cats are more likely to love bite during the period of teeth. During this period, the reason why the love bite is mainly because the cat's teeth are uncomfortable or itchy teeth. It is recommended to prepare a grinding rod or toy that can bite to relieve the discomfort of cat teeth. If you are not in the long teeth but are still bite, it means that there is a problem with the cat's behavior habits. It is recommended that in the process of cat bite, it is time to timely scold the cat to pat the cat's head at the same time or remove the cat's mouth. The most important thing is not to put your hands or other parts near the cat's mouth to reduce the chance of being bitten. Finally, it is clear that not all bites can be corrected. During this period, the master's patient training was required.
    The move of the owner's sudden handle will make the cat as a prey, and instinctively go to grab and bite. If we do not hide, it will not be too hard, and of course we must avoid suddenly stretching hands. When it rubs your hand or lick you with your tongue, it gives it some encouragement. If you can scratch his small chin at the same time, it will immediately squint your eyes comfortably, and will not stretch out a small hook. Once or twice, cats will like you very much. In the future, you will never bite you or stretch out a small hook and scratch you again. After a period of time, you must get a super -playmate of a greasy and coquettish playmate, because for cats, you realize your care. If you have been playing with cats like this, you will be very good to you when you grow up, and you like to be close to others. It is very sensible to others. It is a well -behaved cat. When playing with a cat, try not to play the cat directly with your hands to tease the cat. The cat is not light and heavy when playing, and his response speed is faster than people. I caught you. You can tie the toy to a long rope, or tie a rope at the end of a small chopstick, and the end of the rope is tied to the toy to tease the cat to play, so that the cat can prevent the cat from catching your hand. (Now there are special teasing cats, cats will love it). Friends with conditions can consider raising two cats at the same time. The two cats accompany each other. They can play well. When the owner is not at home, he will not be lonely, and because of the playmate, their "attack" people's interest will be greatly reduced. The kitten is like a piece of white paper, like a human child. He does not know what is right and what is wrong. Only through the patient's patient education can they develop good living habits, harmoniously and happy to live with humans in life in humanity Together. Reminder: 1. After being caught by a cat, you need to clean the wound with iodine. 2. When being bitten by a cat, especially the bite of the stray cat, you should go to the district -level health prevention station in the district -level sanitary epidemic prevention station after being bitten. 3. Don't forget to cut your nails on the cat at home. Just cut the white part of the nail tip when cutting the nails. Do not cut it to the red part. For cats who like to play outside, don't cut your nails. When the cat jumps, it is injured because the nails can't hold things.

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