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  1. The items that need to be prepared
    The cat's rations must not be less. There may be serious rejection, which makes people feel distressed when watching. In addition to the necessary cat food, canned food, snacks and other foods are an indispensable part of the mood of the cat owner.

    Them -sensitive cats need to use their own food basins and water basins, otherwise it will make it unable to eat in a completely strange environment. And it is best to bring cats, blankets, and toys that are used to cats to create a scene that they are familiar with, so that even in a completely strange environment, cat owners can live freely. Remember to go out with the cat at will, the daily items it needed is the same.

    How to adapt to the new environment?
    1. If the cat owner likes to hide in his air box, don't force it to come out, let it slow down in a familiar environment, and after a while, the curious cat will come out to explore the world by themselves.

    2. Give the cat's free movement space, even if it "closed" in the corner of the house, the owner should not force it to play. Don't pull its body at will to avoid the cat owner from being injured.

    3. There are many people at home in the New Year. Beware of cats are scared by strangers. If there are relatives and friends who want to touch the cat, everyone needs to judge according to the reaction of the cat owner. Catal cats who are frightened by heart make crazy moves, and it is troublesome to cause trouble during the New Year. Many friends have children in their homes. Pay attention to the furry cats. If children want to play with cats, they must watch it aside.

    It the sound of heart firecrackers
    This firecrackers for the New Year is a traditional custom. Now the city is not allowed to set off fireworks and firecrackers, but there is not so much attention in the countryside. Whenever 12 o'clock on New Year's Eve night When every family will start firecrackers. For children, this is the most exciting time, but for the timid cats, this is the most terrible time. The machine -sensitive cat is most afraid of noise, and they are likely to run out of control directly.

    Ilier, they may also have serious stress reactions to endanger their lives. For the health of the cat owner, the shoveling officer must soothe the cat's emotions. But when you are about to set off firecrackers, you are about to hold them in their arms. Cats rely on the owner in a tense state, and they will not exclude people's arms. Turn the cat into his arms to stroke its hair, which can soothe its mood.

    If the cat's emotions are more excited, you can use their favorite toys to divert attention. Under the temptation of the teasing cat stick, the cat owner can not hold it and will definitely interact with the owner. Mobilize the cat's hunting instinct and let them completely forget what happened outside. Coupled with the delicious snacks to reward the cat, the little guy will not care too much about the sound of the sound that appears so far away.

    The New Year cannot be eaten
    During the New Year, the big fish and big meat are the themes on the table. The greedy little guy will use the temptation of these foods to make a lot of means to please eat food. Essence The shoveling officer must strengthen his beliefs and not eat any foods that humans eat for the cat owner, so as not to take too much salt, sugar or fat and other substances. And be sure to explain that your family should not feed the cat at will, beware of the cat owner to eat the stomach.

    will always be indispensable for various melon seed snacks in the New Year. The shoveling officer needs to explain the children and clearly point out that the cat's stomach is different from people. For everyone, the delicious candy chocolate Poison must not be fed because the cat owner's food. Children are the most easily mistaken for their hearts. The shoveling officer needs to give them a prevention needle in advance to avoid greedy cats.

    The conclusion
    The cats are in the countryside to celebrate the New Year. They will feel very scared when they get out of their familiar rooms, but they will become particularly lively after two or three days. They like to run in a new environment in the new environment. Run. The countryside and the city are different. If the cat runs out of the door, it is not easy for the shoveling officer to find it back. When looking at it, you need to be careful. It is best not to let Xiaoyi walk out of the room alone, so as not to return to the owner after being lost.

  2. Take a cat back to the countryside to prepare its daily necessities. If you are afraid of the cats, you need to prepare a cage. When bringing a cat back to the countryside, it is best to put it in a cat bag while taking the car, or go through the consignment procedures in advance. After bringing the cat back to the countryside, put it in a quiet place to avoid being shocked.

    The precautions for bringing cats back to the countryside

    The cat returned to the countryside to prepare their daily necessities in advance, especially cat food, cat sand, insect repellent, etc. Bring it, if you are afraid that the cat will not run, you need to prepare a cage.

    When a cat is returned to the countryside, you need to prepare a cat bag for it. You can put it in a cat bag when you take a car. Consignment procedures.

    In the cat back to the countryside, it is best to put it in a quiet place, try not to let it be exposed to strangers for a long time, so as not to be frightened. Outdoor.

    In fact, not all cats are suitable for bringing out. For some cats, they prefer to stay at home, and the amount of exercise in trouble at home can meet its requirements. Some cats are yearning for outdoor life. They like to play together on the grass or other cats. In this case, the owners can often take them out to play. But walking cats can not be taken out of the walk around, and you need to pay attention to many things. Let me briefly talk about the matters of the cats need to pay attention to.

    . The cats who just led home cannot bring out
    For the kittens who just led home, the environment and characters it are in contact are new. In the case, it is very insecure, and it takes a long time to build a good relationship with the cat. Some people have a bad way to have a bad way. Essence Therefore, the shoveling officers must have established a certain emotional foundation with the cat before they can take their own cats out to play. Otherwise, the cat rashly brings out when the cat does not trust the owner, and the owner does not know the way of the cat's behavior, but he will recruit his pet's hatred.

    . The type of cats that are not suitable for bringing out
    Some types of cats are naturally not like to go out to play. They will feel nervous and restrained when outdoors, and the little world at home can give it to the family can give it to the family. It has enough sense of security, so it is best not to take this cat to play outdoors, otherwise their introverted and timid character will be greatly frightened outdoors. In addition, cats are a more vigilant animal. They are more suspicious and cautious. Once the cat with too little courage will be brought out, it will not only be frightened, but some will even get sick under the stress reaction. Therefore, for the alert personality of cats, some cat owners will choose to take them outdoors when the cats are very young, because there are not many things that cats have touched when they were young. The courage is relatively big. However, if you bring out and play in this case, you must do a good job of vaccination and deworming work, because cats' immune systems often do not develop well when they are young. At this time, it is very easy to get sick. Of course, even if you bring adult cats to play outdoors, you need to take a series of measures such as deworming, because cats often have greater instability compared to dogs.

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