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  1. Cats are usually susceptible to dystocia when they are produced for the first time. If the amniotic fluid is broken for a long time, the female cat and the cub are dangerous. The specific time is not easy to say, it may be 2 to 3 days, but more than three days, even if it is born, it is a dead tire. Cats should seek medical treatment as soon as possible and deal with professional treatment as soon as possible, otherwise it may cause mother and child to die.

  2. What should I do if the cat can't produce? What causes

    The cats cannot produce. It is recommended that the owner carefully placed the cat in the airbox, and then go to the pet hospital for abdominal B -ultrasound to determine the fetal heart of the fetus. The fetus is taken out. Cats may be difficult to give birth because of the fetus, or it may be due to the mother's cause of the cat. The reason for the fetus may be: the fetal position is not correct, the fetus is too fat. The reason for the mother's body may be: the mother is too fat, the energy of the mother consumes too fast, and it will be incurable. Sifferential birth canal, uterine lesions, etc. It is recommended that shovel officers do a good job of keeping warm and not too bumpy during transportation.

    It how long the cat can not produce difficult production:

    The normal production interval of cats is about 10-30 minutes. The phenomenon of frequent work, then cats may be difficult to give birth. The owner should send the cat to a pet hospital for caesarean section in time. If the cat has no other symptoms, it may be finished. Essence

    This Cats can not give birth:

    The cats cannot be born. It is recommended to take the cat to the hospital for examination and handling it immediately. If the cat is obesity or lack of exercise, it causes production weakness. You can touch the cat's abdomen with your hands to promote the contraction of the abdomen and make the fetus smoothly output. If there is still no output, you can inject oxytocin and promote smooth muscle contraction. If the cat is too large or the fetal position is not right, the cat needs to help the cat produce by a hand. It is recommended to consult a pet doctor in time

  3. Under normal circumstances, the cat has not given birth to the first fetus for half an hour, and the owner needs to send the cat to the pet hospital in time to give birth under the guidance of a pet doctor.

  4. Cats have almost one hour every half an hour. If you continue to see the cat's anger, but if you do n’t see the kitten, it may be difficult to give birth for more than 2 hours. Go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible.

  5. The following is for reference only:
    . After the cat was broken in the amniotic fluid, the fetus did not produce a fetus for 4 hours, and life risks will occur. Therefore, after the cat's amniotic fluid is broken, the first fetus has not been given successfully for half an hour. The owner needs to send the cat to the pet hospital in time to help miles under the guidance of a pet doctor. At the same time, the owner needs to pay attention to the emotions of the cat and not to help the cat produce blindly.

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