2 thoughts on “Is there a rabies disease bacteria on the cat's hair?”

  1. The pathogen of rabies is a virus is not bacteria. Rabies are spread by animal bite, scratching, or naked wounds with rabies virus, which are transmitted, wounds or mucous membranes are contaminated by saliva. Therefore, it does not matter if the cat's hair is spread on the rabies virus and rabies. If you have to investigate, because the cat has the habit of licking hair, a cat who changes rabies may have rabies virus on its hair.

  2. Cats will spread rabies.
    Cats have killed many people.
    The fleas on cats.
    The cats are very dirty and ugly.
    Cats will spread a variety of diseases.
    The cats severely damage the environment.
    The cats threatened people's health.
    The people with conscience oppose cats.
    The stray cat must be eliminated.

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