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  1. After the cat has a stress reaction, vomiting, resisting to eating or hiding directly.
    If you find that the stress reaction is too serious, you should seek medical treatment in time. Do not think that the cat looks okay if it looks okay. Often, the disease that is invisible on the surface is more serious to the cat.
    In hiding, not eating or drinking, no germination, soft stool and so on. Cats should be excited and can be used to use Yici Sice beef ingots. This is used, and the injection is not afraid.
    For the same stimulus, each cat's response will be different, depending on whether the range of things accepted in the socialization period of about 2-9 weeks is wide. Big, vice versa.
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  2. What is a stress reaction?
    This stress reactions, that is, the cat's body's various conditions to the outside world and the body, the irritating and adaptive response produced.
    The environmental or conditional factors that are changed to cats that are stimulated to the cat will cause cats to secrete excessive adrenaline and act on each organ, leading to symptoms such as ischemia caused by severe blood vessels in the internal organs. Longer, it is likely to cause cat's body organs.
    The body response of cats with stress
    For the same stimulus, each cat's response will be different, depending on whether the range of things accepted during the socialization period of about 2-9 weeks is wide, If there are many things in contact, the cat will be bolder in the future, and otherwise it will be timid.
    The timid cats will be more prone to stress reactions. Hair dryers, vacuum cleaners, strangers, and even strange cats may produce light or heavy adverse reactions.
    In general, stress can cause physiological and psychological reactions:
    psychological: sadness, depression, autism n physiological: body temperature, blood sugar, blood pressure increase, breathing and heartbeat accelerate , Frying hair, diseases
    P. After the cats go out to get injections, sterilize, environmental changes, etc., although everything looks normal, it will still be in a stress period and weak body immunity. At this time, you must pay attention not to change your diet, and keep the environment good temperature and humidity, so that the cat can spend this stage calmly.

    The advantages and disadvantages of stress reactions
    The benefits of stress
    This response can stimulate cat excitement and alert, adjust the nerve-endocrine response, while secreting hormones such as adrenaline to promote increased heart rate increase Quickly increase blood pressure and blood transfusion, improve respiratory, blood distribution, etc. Slight stress reactions can also reduce stress.
    but this benefit cannot be compared with the disadvantages brought.
    This Disadvantages of stress
    This response can cause cats to change emotional changes, and even cause behavior out of control. For example, cats who are suddenly scared will turn on the attack function and ignore the opponent's enemy friends; Blood adhesion to promote the formation of thrombosis; it can also lead to increased heart rate, myocardial ischemia, internal organs ischemia, etc.; More serious may cause major diseases and shorten life.

    The manifestations and influence of stress
    The performance of stress
    The causes of cat stress, which can cause a large stress reaction:
    1. Forcibly out
    If the cat is forced to be taken out, you will feel a strong sense of discomfort, a slight stress response such as trembling, hiding, etc.; People and wait.
    2. Moving or frequently changing the family layout
    For the environment that has been accustomed to, the regular life will give the cat a very high sense of security, and frequently changing the family layout or moving will cause cats to re -adapt to the environment. Slight stress reactions such as anxiety, anxiety, etc.; If the stress is strong, it may cause decreased appetite, frequently combs hair.
    3. The arrival of new members
    The arrival of new members is a huge challenge for cats. The competition of resources and the transfer of parental attention may make cats feel tremendous. Hiding, restlessness, etc.; If the stress is stronger, you may run away from home.
    4. Bathing
    Cats are very afraid of water. Bathing is for the cat to punish. Incorrect bathing method and fear of strange environments will cause cats to have a severe stress response response. It may be seriously dying.
    5. Noise
    The cat's hearing is several times that of human beings. Sudden noise will cause cats to be frightened, slight stress reactions such as frying hair, hiding, etc.; The cat's psychology leaves trauma.

    . In addition, some scenes that may cause the disease due to stress:
    1. In winter, take a bath due to stress r
    2. Performing the stress of the hospital caused fatty liver and then induced jaundice
    3. After the new cat, the aboriginal stress should have a hunger strike or suffer from cat plague
    4. Explore acute renal failure
    5. Hospital's sterilization is scared to stress and causes shortness of breath to suffer from pulmonary edema
    The effect of stress n urinary system
    (FIC) Symptoms.
    The gastric and intestinal system
    Is when a cat is alone or restricted to stress, it will show vomiting, decreased appetite or intermittent diarrhea.
    The immune system
    The stress will inhibit the production of immunoglobulin Iga, which in turn leads to an increase in the possibility of upper respiratory tract infection. Cat infectious peritonitis is related to stress.

    The skin
    This of the cat's excessive licking hair is related to multiple environment and social stress.
    The psychological health
    Is such as environmental or chronic pain can cause anxiety, increase the risk of physical diseases, and increase the risk of psychological problems.
    What to do when a cat should be excited
    Pat cats should be treated accordingly according to the symptoms of the cat. If it is too serious, please take it to the hospital.
    1. Can't avoid it
    The people who are very familiar with the cat calm for a while, and then let her stay slowly to recover. If you are worried about not eating, you can use a carton, open the wall towards the wall, and place the rice bowl, water basin, and cat sand basin next to the carton.
    2. I am scared
    In a quiet environment, providing fresh and clean warm water and a more comfortable nest, so that she can adjust it by herself. Parents should pay attention to the cat's eating and drinking Lazar. Once they are closed, dilute, and vomit, they can consult the doctor first. Do not rush to the hospital immediately to avoid causing more serious stimuli.
    3. Normal behavior but not eating
    This Cat's reduction of stress reaction appetite is normal. If the situation is serious and do not eat at all, you must manually help them supplement nutrition and energy, forcibly feed or infusion to avoid fat from fat Liver and other metabolic diseases.
    4. Moving, fostering, newly adopted cats
    changing to a new environment that cats are easy to be overly excited, and behaviors may also occur, hunger strike, urination everywhere, etc. In about 10 days, don't always hold or tease it. Generally, at night, they will be familiar with the new space.

    How how to prevent cat stress
    If the cat in your home is a type that is more likely to occur, you must pay more attention to it. n1. Do not force the cats
    If it is not necessary, try to take the cat as much as possible, and when you go to the hospital for treatment, you can place the cats familiar to the cat in the cat bag or spray some Fello Mon in one hour in advance. Can relieve cat emotions.
    2. Moving the cat at the end of the cat
    Mee some familiar carpets and clothes in the old home first, and wait for all the things at home to move the cat to the new home, wait for the cat to be familiar with the new home environment.
    3. Welcome to the new members
    4. Reduce the number of baths
    The cat's bath frequency is up to three months/time. Let cats soak in water directly. If a cat hates the sound of a hair dryer, it can be dried or dried.
    5. Let the cat stay away from the noise
    The noise in the environment, you can isolate the cat into a quiet room, and let the cat stay away from the source of the noise. Object replacement.

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