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  1. 1. Since childhood, they have been raised together, familiar with each other, and cultivated their feelings. They all say that the bamboo horse should start from childhood. Cats and dogs must have deep feelings. Raising from childhood must be the best solution. From the beginning, he has been familiar with the existence of the other party and all aspects of life, and naturally has a lot of possible bumper bumps in the running -in period, reducing a lot of unnecessary trouble.

    2. Cats and dogs need to be fed separately and prepare sufficient foods. The foods required by cats and dogs are very different in terms of types and quantities, so it is best not to feed cats and dogs together. In particular, it is important to note that dog food cannot be used as a staple food for cats. The nutritional ingredients in dog food are less than that of cat food. For long -term consumption of dog food, cats will be malnourished. And food cats that many dogs can eat cannot be eaten, which can easily lead to poisoning. Therefore, in order to prevent cats from eating food that cannot be eaten by mistake, cats and dogs are also separated.

    It the owner must prepare sufficient food. After all, cats and dogs are foods that care for food. If one party is not enough to eat the other side of the other side, it is prone to conflict!

    . Whether it is a cat or a dog first, the one later should be isolated for a period of time, so that the two parties will slowly come into contact and be more familiar.

    It if it is a cat or a dog for a while before bringing back another little guy, it also needs to be separated for a period of time. After all, "invaders" suddenly appeared in their territory, and they would inevitably be unhappy. Therefore, the smell and existence of each other must be familiar with each other, and then slowly contact.

    The items can be used to smell the other party with the smell of the other party first at first. Fierce emotions.

    4. The owner must treat it equally and cannot prefer one side. Whether it is a new and hate old or eccentric, it is not advisable. The personality of cats and dogs is largely different. For example, dogs are more thick and interactive, and cats are more cute and coquettish. If the owner shows obvious pets and favorites to one party, the other party will feel cold and isolated. Although small animals are not rich in human emotions, they still feel lonely or jealous. The left side may show the fierceness and no longer let you get closer or even attack.

    5. Try to choose a more gentle dog. Cats are sensitive and vigilant. If you match a dog with irritable or too lively personality, it is really a thunderbolt. It's endless.

    choosing a thick and honest dog can to a large extent to avoid a terrible ending. One is that it is not easy to frightened the cat. Fierce counterattack. Such complementary cats and dogs will get along more.

    So if one party is too irritable or has a strong aggressiveness, and does not listen to the host's instructions, and the owner does not have time or ability to soothe and train, then it is not recommended to raise them together.

    6. If cats and dogs fight, they cannot educate them in a way of scolding. Generally speaking, dogs are actively chasing cats, maybe because of curiosity, or the instinct of hunting. At this time, the cat will have a sense of crisis, so it will fight. Cats actively fighting dogs are usually dogs stealing cat food or always smelling by cats. It may also be that cats feel that the dog has divided the owner's love.

    It at this time, if blindly scolding can not solve the problem, it will only upgrade the contradiction and the outbreak is more intense. We can let cats and dogs have their own enough activity space to let them separate. For example, setting taller cat climbing racks and wider can avoid the dog's chasing activity space. Training dogs to learn to sit quietly or lie down, let it know that it should not chase cats. At the same time, you need to spend more time to accompany them. The company's company will make them more secure and gentle, and let them know that the owner's love for them is the same.

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