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  1. doll cat.
    The face value of the puppet cat is really impeccable, especially its blue eyes, like a sea hidden in the sea, making people forget. The puppet cat has gorgeous and long -haired hairs, making it look more noble and elegant. Its personality is very gentle and quiet, and everyone is called "fairy in the cat".
    Pat cats (scientific name: Ragdoll, alias of Fairy Cat, Bradel Cat), belonging to a family of cats, cats, is a hybrid pet cat. It is one of the largest cats in existing body Essence
    Mada cats are also called DOG-Like Cats (dog-like cats), PUPPY CATS or PUPPY-LIKE CATS (puppy-like cat) (puppy-like cat) (puppy-like cat) (puppy-like cat). Essence
    The puppet cats were cultivated in the 1960s in the 1960s, and they were named after holding like soft puppets. It was quite common in the United States and Britain.
    has a wedge -shaped head, large and round eyes, rich in hair, long limbs and fleshy, long tails, soft body, key color, gloves or two colors, and so on. The birth rate of puppet cats and Siamese cats is the lowest in various cats, with a life span of 15-25 years. 40%of the puppet cats are the products of close -up mating.

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