5 thoughts on “Cat does not sleep in the middle of the night”

  1. If the cat does not sleep in the middle of the night, it should be uncomfortable with the stomach and stomach, so I do n’t sleep, and I should give it some stomach -stomach food tablets, so that I may sleep

  2. When a cat does not sleep at night, you can first prepare a very comfortable cat's nest for the cat, because the cat is a very proud and delicate pet, and they are very picky about the place to sleep. Or try to consume its energy during the day, such as playing with cats or letting it entertain, or increase the interaction with it, so that it can sleep normally at night.

  3. Don't live with a room with the cat. You can keep the cat in a cage and put it alone in a room. When it is boring, he sleeps. The more you are with the owner, the more the cat likes to play with the owner.

    The cats in the day of the day can make a lot of toys for cats, so that it will not be boring during the day, and it will be sleepy at night.

    Although the cat's nature is sleeping during the day and grab the mouse at night, it can help it correct its work and rest habits.

  4. The nature of the cat family is nightling animals. Pet cats are actually people's means to change its night line. You can only spend more energy to slowly cultivate cats' habits. There is also the habit or estrus of cats in the middle of the night.

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