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  1. Remove the black chin skills:
    The method 1: The cat is black chin early. It is recommended to wash the affected area with water every day, and immediately blow dry the hair around the hair.
    Method two: When a cat appears black chin symptoms, the owner can use erythromycin ointment vase forest to blame the chin affected area, massage and rub it gently, and slowly rub them down. Just wipe the cotton towel.
    Method 3: Shaver the hair of the cat's affected area, and then use a special drug cleaner to clean the chin. For example, a cleaning agent with oxide or salicylic acid is performed twice a day after meals.
    Method 4: After cleaning the cat, the effect is not obvious or the situation is severe (red -swollen), the cat can be appropriately taken or used for antibiotics for anti -inflammatory treatment.

    How to prevent cats black chin?
    1. Cat bowls made of ceramic
    Most cats appear black chin because of the cat bowl made of plastic material, because the oil stains in the cat bowl are residual, it is easy to cause cats to appear black chin. If you want to prevent the cat's black chin, it is recommended to choose a cat bowl or stainless steel for black cats.
    2. Pay attention to cleaning
    A many people do not take care of some parts that need to be cleaned when they take a bath, so the cat's chin will also cause black chin because of insufficient cleaning. It is recommended that when you take a bath for the cat, don't forget to clean the cat's chin.
    3. Pay attention to diet health
    Cats are black chin, maybe because the food or cat food is too greasy, so if you want to prevent cats black chin, pay attention to the cat's diet health. It is recommended to choose a cat food between 14 and 17%for cats.
    This nourishment
    The most pet cats are not suitable for bringing out. Cats are creatures with a strong sense of crisis and a very strong sense of crisis. Forcibly cats (except for some active and wild cat varieties), it will cause stimulation and damage to the spirit of most cats, and it will not rule out a series of bad consequences caused by a series of chain reactions. Therefore, it is not recommended to slip a cat. If you need to take a cat out, please bring the cat scientifically to the door. 20 Follow · 14 Answer Questions
    The life span of cats raising cats is generally 10-15 years, and some longevity cats can also live to 20 . If you want to extend the life of cats, you must scientifically raise them. The reason for the food that it eats less is that the nutritional ratio of human food does not match the needs of cats. Cats do not sweat (only the claws have sweat glands) and the kidneys are fragile. sick.
    2021/06/12 Update:
    Thank you friends:
    Sexual lactase deficiency is very low, and human lactose is mostly lack of secondary lactase caused by the acquired milk.
    The cat kites are small and not resistant to lactose. Mattald milk is more suitable for cats than milk. Sheep milk fat ball cells are small, only one -third of milk, and unsaturated fatty acids are higher than milk than milk. Double, easier to absorb. Therefore, the kitten is not recommended to feed milk. You can buy a cat -specific goat milk powder to feed it with a needle tube.
    Cats are carnivorous animals. Cats are opened for 30 days. It is a golden period for the foundation for the body. It must be frozen for 48h sterilization below the refrigerator, and then thawed to normal temperature to feed. In this way, most of the kittens can have good physical fitness and body.
    2 Cats within a month, you can buy kittens milk cake cat food, feed kitten cats or full-price cat food in 2-12 months, and occasionally boiled kittens or white water cooked Fish or chicken breasts, pay attention to canned snacks, canned foods and canned foods, and canned food. The canned food is suitable for cats with weak body. After 1 year old, replace it with cat food. All cat foods are recommended to import natural food, which does not contain grains and a single cat food with a single source of protein is more suitable for the fragile cats of the Standing Committee.
    Im cousin's jailbreak life: [Buddhist cats to raise cats] How much does it cost to raise a British short month? 69 Agree · 41 Comment
    In the cat litter basin and cat litter. The cat will solve the urination and bury it in it. It is a very clean animal. A cat sand basin that cannot get into the feet will force them to find other more hidden places to solve the problem. You need to clean up regularly, so you call shoveling officers.
    The environment should maintain environmental hygiene at home, trim nails for meow meow every 1 to 2 weeks, prepare cat grip boards and cat climbing racks. When you are not at home, if you are caught by other objects, it is a fatal danger for cats. On the day of taking the kitten home, take them to the toilet as soon as possible, and put it in the cat litter basin after half an hour until it urinate inside, there will be no problem. Cool, secluded.
    The bath and deworming. The kitten is recommended not to take a bath before the vaccine. After a week after the vaccine, there is no problem to take a bath. It is the most suitable to take a bath once a month to three months. The kittens began for the first time in two months, and the inside and outside can be done. Once once to three months, it can be once every three months after adulthood (August). It is best to completely absorb meow meow after two days of deworming. Note that only when the cat is healthy, you can drive insects.
    vaccine, ① Meow Meow can inject the vaccine in good health, it is better to start in vaccination for more than 2 and a half months; Take a bath for Meow Meow to avoid going out. ④ vaccination and deworming must be more than 1 week apart.
    is sterilized, suitable for sterilization around one year old. In estrus not only makes cats pain and affects health, but also makes cats run away from the role of hormones, so sterilization is necessary, otherwise cats and people must not be safe. Small surgery with a very simple cordbone of the male cat is just removed the eggs, but the cost of inspection before surgery is about 500RMB. The mother cat is more troublesome, and the cost ranges from 600 ~ 900RMB.
    If you find a cat vomiting, don't panic, look at the situation and spit out, the cat's stomach is short and straight, it is easy for it to vomit. This is also a cat’s A self -protection skill. Once you feel that the food is not right, spit it out. In this way, the food can be saved when the food is toxic or swallows a foreign body. Of course, they may be vomiting hair balls, or they have eaten too much, and they are anxious.
    The cat originally lived in the desert environment, so he was hated to water. In addition, it may be inherited by having sand. Cats have enough food and water. You can stay at home for 2 to 3 days. big. If it is not available for a long time, it cannot guarantee the cleanness and sufficient food and water. The second is that the cat sand pot is dirty and the cat will make the cat have nowhere to fall. In the case of long holidays, it is recommended to choose a quiet environment, clean cat shop or hospital foster care, there will be a special person to take care of the little master, and to play with the shit.
    Life habits and hygiene, they sleep almost 16 to 20 hours a day. The cat's curiosity is very heavy, so be sure to seal the window. Pay attention to the fragile products at home. Tableware, cups, vases, etc., they will "inadvertently" get rid of the ground. There is a stabbing on the cat's tongue. Don't play line or plastic bags for them, otherwise you will find that the line will become shorter and shorter, because it may be swallowed by them. Regularly check the meow's ears, nail damage and eye secretions, and clean up the waxy secretions in the ears every week, otherwise more and more ear mites will be increased.
    The places to play with meow, stroking the cats where they can't get enough, such as the forehead and the scapula. Don't drag the cat tail. Cat tail is an important balancer of a cat. Pulpting hard will affect their sense of balance. Do not trim the cat's beard. It is an important sense of the cat's beard. It is also a ruler. As long as it is the width of the beard, the cat's body can pass. When playing with a cat, it bites your fingers, even if you don't bite, you pretend to call. In this way, it will know that it hurts you, and it will be loose immediately. This kind of training is learned when they play with each other when they are a nest of kittens, that is, to master the size. Some cats have meowed alone since they were young. They did not get this experience, and it was necessary to teach it.
    The characteristics of cats. Cats know the most commonly used in the outside world is the nose, followed by the claws, and the mouth of the mouth again; the cat's meat pad is the only sweat glands. When you touch the meat pad in summer, you will sweat like the palm of the human; the cat color is weak, and the ability to distinguish between the color is weak; it cannot see it within a distance of about 25cm from the cat, and it is positioned by the sense of smell and beard; The behavior of people and other cats; like people, each cat's personality is different, the older the older the more difficult.
    The cats kissed with people, and they would call you to get up. They meowed it at it. Will look at home, kill all invasion of crawlers, and feel good to shoot flies mosquitoes. Two cat claws, waving all the wealth of the family. The cat uses your cheeks to treat you as the same kind. Cats flipping your belly in front of you are a sense of security and trusting you. The cheeks of the fingers gently meowed (rushing along the beard, the so -called "slippery horse"), it will know that you like it. Slowly blinking in it, it is equivalent to saying you love it.
    Cat attributes:
    This sunflower attributes: like to dry the sun, like warmth and cold.
    Dandelion attributes: hair loss.
    Border attributes: Like to lie in the border, such as a piece of paper and a carton.
    The high point attributes: they like to conquer the highest position in the home.
    Bird attributes: They have no wings, but they can fly.
    strong curiosity, obsessive -compulsive disorder, more movement (especially the kitten under one year old), cleanliness.
    Is attributes: peony. Mint, wooden tadpoles, wind and oil essence, and bleaching agents will make most cats ecstasy.
    The attributes of their temper can get better, or they can fight with them. For example, they hate the smell of orange peel and put two pieces on the bookshelves, and they will not climb up. When they were too high to fly in the room, they wet their hands, dumped it twice, and touched a few times along the back. They have to stop and find a place to lick the hair (who calls you cleanliness who calls you for obsessive -compulsive disorder), which can make them quiet and clean up the floating hair on the body.
    This prevention of black chin (cat acne). The meow rice bowl is best porcelain, stainless steel/glass can also be used. It is easy to cause black chin with plastic. Essence If your master has a black chin, clean it with mild soap, or wipe the affected area in soaking tea, and then apply erythromycin eye ointment to anti -inflammatory.
    Cats are good companion animals. They have no owner's concept. They live under the same roof like a friend. Raising one can bring a lot of warmth, of course, there are also trouble. So if you think about all kinds of possible situations, do n’t raise it half away (the same is true of dogs). After losing the home, it is likely that it is unable to survive. Even if you survive, there is no food and clothing, and the average life expectancy of the lost cat is only 3 years.
    The world of people can be very large, and there are many choices. The world of cats is very small, only the eaves you give, it is their peace nest. They are satisfied with food, drink, and play. Also life, accompany each other for a while, warm each other, and do one day they will leave your psychological preparation. All companions are temporary, long or short, people and people, harmony, and animals. Time is here, meditation is precise. In fact, they have become part of your continued existence.

  2. First of all, you have to know what causes the black chin, and then treat it, then pay attention to avoid it ~

    The cat feels pain when wiping. Although the exact cause of this condition is unknown at present, the following reasons can cause folliculitis:
    1. Cats are imbalanced in sex hormones due to estrus, especially the increase inrogens can induce folliculitis.
    2. The daily cleaning is not enough, and there is no timely cleaning of food residues and dirt.
    3. The cat's food is too greasy, causing too much oil to secrete excessive discharge in time. A large amount of oil accumulates in the hair follicles, causing the hair follicles to block folliculitis.
    4. It is related to the physical fitness of the cat. Some cat sebaceous gonads secrete excess and block the hair follicles.
    So how to treat and improve?
    1. For a slight black chin, add edible salt to the warm water, and wipe the affected area with light salt water with a sanitary cotton ball, twice a day.
    2. Use green tea water to wet the cotton ball and clean the chin for the cat, twice a day. This method has the least stimulation of cat skin and is suitable for relatively minor black chins. For severe black chin, you can apply erythromycin ointment on the affected area after washing.
    3. If folliculitis appears in the cat's tail, you can use sulfur soapy water to clean the cat's tail. Dilute with a little sulfur soap in water, just light. Pay attention to check if there is a wound on the cat's tail, and this method is not applicable if there is a wound.
    How to prevent it?
    It because the cat's black chin will recur with a lot of chin, you should pay attention to preventive measures.
    1. The key to preventing cats black chin is cleaning. After the cat meals, help the cat to clean up the food residue of the chin and reduce the breeding of bacteria.
    2. Use ceramic texture or stainless steel tableware. Because plastic tableware is not easy to clean, it is easy to breed bacteria.
    3. For cats that are prone to black chin, it is best to take a bath every two months. Pay attention to keeping warm when taking a bath, drying it in time, or going to professional institutions to prevent colds.
    4. Give cats to eat less greasy food. Choose natural cat food and cans with low oil. Here you can recommend the online evaluation of fresh food exported to Japan. It is very good without oil. You can clearly remove the black chin and tear marks, and then pay special attention to the canned seafood. It is advisable to 1-2 times. After the cat appears black, it is necessary to stop feeding seafood and other seafood supplementary foods.
    5. Wash the cat's tableware every day and dry them in the sun to keep the cat's living environment ventilated and clean.

  3. There are many shoveling officials asking why the cat's chin was suddenly covered with dirty and greasy little black spots, and even severe redness and hair removal.

    It this is the cat's face -value killer -black chin,
    is an extremely common skin disease of cats, also known as seborrheic dermatitis or folliculitis. Dark chin is a bacterial infection that causes pores to block, and these black dots are formed over time.

    The cats lick themselves for cleaning them every day, but some places cannot be lick, such as its chin. Therefore, the cat's chin is easy to breed bacterial infection and forms folliculitis.

    The cause of the formation of cats black chin, and how to control the black chin.

    Cat food is too oil

    This is easy to secrete too much oil from the hair follicles, which causes the problem of black chin. When cats eat cat food every day, the mouth will directly contact the greasy residue of cat food, which is very easy to breed bacteria.

    This shoveling officer can replace the cats and cans with low oil, and reduce the canned food and other seafood supplementary foods for cats to feed cats. After the cat eats cat food, use fresh saline to clean its mouth and chin.

    The hygiene problem

    The cats are more lively and active at home, and they like to fight in all corners of the house. If the home is not clean and the bacteria breed in the corner, once the cat is contaminated with these bacteria, it may cause bacterial infections.

    So shovelers must clean up a little bit. For the health of cats, they are also for themselves and their families.

    This hormone is strong

    The cats that are not sterilized and in estrus Due to strong sex hormone secretion in the estrus, there may be endocrine disorders, which will cause skin oil to increase. This is a bit similar to our human acne.
    Ip, as the cat's age increases, the male or estrogen in the body will also increase, and the secretion will gradually increase, which will cause pores to block and form folliculitis.

    The cat rice bowl and water basin with plastic products with plastic basin

    n n n
    r r r r. The cat will contact the surface of the bowl when eating and drinking water, and the bacteria move to the skin, causing black chin.

    This shit officer who is still using plastic basin for cats at home should quickly replace it with ceramics or stainless steel, and it is wide and not easy to touch the cat's chin. Also clean the cat bowl every day to avoid bacteria breeding.
    If your cat is only light black chin, there are only a few blackheads and cedar -shaped objects. Use warm salt water to clean the cat 1 or 2 times every day.

    If the cat's chin has appeared red, swollen, pustules, and pimples, the cat frequently scratched, and the cat should take the cat to the hospital for examination to let the doctor prescribe a little medicine to suppress the infection.

  4. The pet owner can prepare some soapy water first, and then wet with a cotton swab, and constantly wipe the cat's black chin. At this time, there will be black things sticking to it. It is found that the cat's black chin will improve.

  5. If the cat has a slight black chin, it is recommended to use physiological saline (fungicide and dissolve some dirt) with cotton cotton wipe the cat's black chin for 3 to 7 days, and the dark chin will subscribe.

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