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  1. Some cats are very wild. When taking the cat home, it is best to separate it in a closed environment to let it adapt to the environment. After that, it takes time to tame it. If you do it, you will be punished. Do not be close to cats, otherwise it will be attacked and hated. After the cat is familiar with people, it will gradually strengthen interaction.
    Is to eliminate the four methods of cat wildness 1. Appropriate isolation

    The new cats or more wild rural cats will be more vigilant and do not want to get close to others. Will launch an attack. This is why cats are not familiar with the new environment. It is best to put it in a closed room and wait for it to adapt to the environment.
    2. The reward is shameless

    The wild cats are full of wildness, so it takes time to tame it. For example, it is necessary to punish it when it does something wrong, but the punishment should not be too strong. You can roll it with a newspaper into a small stick to knock on it. When the cat is very good and obedient, it rewards its delicious snacks. Let it know to distinguish right or wrong.
    3. Do not force close to

    Mee you to be close to the wild cat, so that it will only be counterproductive, let the cat hate you, attack you, and even see you in the future. When a cat is unwilling to get close to others, it is best to keep a stand -by -view attitude. When it is completely familiar with your existence, it is only close to your existence, and then slowly use snacks or toys to approach.
    4. A lot of interaction

    Is when a cat starts less resistant, you can start strengthening interaction with it. For example, use more cats that cats like to interact with it. Eat snacks, but do not give it too much snacks for the cats to avoid cats' picky food.

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