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  1. 1. Generally speaking, there will be recycled in pet shops. You can get it directly. If he feels good, he can be recycled. Many pet stores are purchased from dog traffickers and cat traffickers at a low price. Not only can they be guaranteed, but they are also prone to illness due to poor residential hygiene conditions in the hands of traffickers. 2. Pet shops are place for pets with pets retail, pet beauty, pet fostering, and pet living sales. The pet products market is facing various pressures at home and abroad, which is an inevitable result of its entering the international market. For many domestic pet supplies companies, taking certain measures can solve the imbalance of pet supplies development to a certain extent. 3. Plant pets are the nicknames of modern people with vitality and enlightenment plants, especially those plants that can be brought around at any time, or they often appreciate and feel in the living room. The vitality of plant pets have excellent effects on alleviating the pressure of modern people and improving the imperfection of social individuals.
    The local pet stores are recycling pet cats. You can go to a nearby pet shop to take a look. However, there are more cats in pet stores, and the price will be relatively low. Pet shops will receive some favorite cats and cats, and they also need their health certificates, because they can be sold again after they are collected, so there are more requirements for cats and cats, and the price is low. But sending them to pet shops can set them well, so the owner can be more at ease.

  2. You can go to the shop that sells pet cats. You can ask, of course not every shop is like that, but there are many pet shops, which can recover pet cats. She sold it at a high price again.

  3. The situation you said,
    The recycling estimation should be there,
    but you can transfer it,
    The second -hand market app is all possible,

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