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  1. There are more and more families raising pets now. Although pets can reflect human care about animals, but if they are not well managed, they may cause harm. In fact, animals such as dogs, cats, rats can carry or parasitize a large number of pathogenic microorganisms and the pathogenic microorganisms can be carried or parasitic. Causes skin diseases. Guidance: 1. Skin disease caused by nodular animals: Dogs, cats, rats and other animals often parasitize fleas, bugs, lice, mites and other limb animals, which can be contagious directly or indirect contact, which causes lice bites, which causes lice. There are many diseases such as stench itching, scabies, and mice dermatitis. 2. Bacterial infection: When the human body is caught or bitten, it can directly cause or secondary bacterial infections, such as purulent skin diseases. 3. Allergic skin diseases: such as pimple urticaria is related to the disease of dogs and cats, such as dogs, cats, etc.,; the fur of the animal is inhaled into the human body can also cause allergic rhinitis, urticaria and other skin mucosal diseases. 4. Toxoplasma: Cats and dogs carry the toxoplasma (a greater chance of a cat), but it is not so terrible. Only pregnant women who have not been infected with Toxoplasma before pregnancy, can be transmitted to the fetus during the first (primary) infection during pregnancy. If the pregnant woman has infected the toxoplasma before pregnancy, she will no longer have the danger of infection. It can also be treated with spiomycin when being infected. 6. Others: If you can spread the chlamydia, propagate the spiral body, and the hook -end spiral disease, etc. The measures for prevention and control are to extinguish rats to avoid contact with rats, cats, and dogs. Treatment should be based on the cause, such as 10%sulfur ointment can be used for skin diseases. Parasites can be taken internally. Bacterial infections are used with antibiotics and itching. Reminder: Not only do you have to clean the courtyard, dry clothes, pay attention to personal hygiene, but also give pets a thorough sanitary cleaning, including cage sanitation and pet medical examinations, and sick pets should be treated accordingly. Some pet families at home or neighbors cannot take it lightly!

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