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  1. Do cats in the family affect wealth
    Is raising cats at home affect wealth. In real life, many people will raise cats at home. Cats can accompany us when we are lonely. Cats are very cute, many people have pets to raise pets For the first choice, do you share your cats and cats at home?
    This cats at home affect wealth? 1 Cat is a common home pet. Not only is breeding simple, but also the feng shui of the home. There is a certain impact. According to the folk, raising cats can promote feng shui, especially when there is a sign of defeat in the family, cats can play a role in eliminating evil spirits. In addition, in the tradition, black cats have the role of dispel evil spirits and defend their homes.
    But on the other hand, the cat is water in the five elements. If it is too far near the Feng Shui financial position at home, it will affect the fortune in the house. The so -called cat -raising disaster is exactly the case. If you want to avoid the disadvantages brought by cats at home, do more partitions and closures in the direction of the financial position in the home. Try not to let the cat get involved here, you can resolve it well.

    Why do business people raise cats? It is said that there are many mice in the poor people's house, so there will be cats. There is a meat fragrance in the rich people, and the dogs will come. There is also a saying that people of the people of the people often say that dogs are not poor. It is because dogs are a good animal that can be eaten. And this cat is not as good as it. The cat is very picky about food and can leave at any time.
    2. Bringing doom
    The superstition in the north is called: the dog is rich, and the cat comes with hemp. It is not a good sign if a cat is coming suddenly, and it is unknown. Feng Shui also said that black cats have doom, and black dogs can ward off evil.
    . It affects Feng Shui
    because of the cat's cry "Meow", the homophonic is "extinguishing", "no", and "mold".
    4. Cats are very evil
    The legend in ancient times that many legends were cats, because cat's eyes were very mysterious, and various eyes colors were a bit weird. Especially at night, the two bright cold lights in the darkness made people feel tight and called yin and yang eyes. Especially when cats are fried for no reason, people will think there is a zero one.
    Is raising cats at home affect wealth 2 1. There are many benefits to raising cats. In Chinese folk culture, cats believe that cats have nine lives. Can turn danger. Therefore, it is also regarded as auspicious pet of Huasha. Cats in the home can play a certain deterrent effect, which can prevent evil spirits, protect the house, and help peace.
    2. Cat Starman is a pet alone and has a fixed territory. They like to move at night, sometimes independent and sticky, and have two extremes. For cat -raising, there are many controversy since ancient times. From the perspective of Feng Shui, cats can benefit wealth. This is because the god of wealth is afraid of smell and dirty, and clean houses can bring wealth. At one point, it can cater to Feng Shui and help the fortune. So there are many benefits to raising cats.

    It the cat's cats at home
    1. Cat wearing a mascot with wealth
    If there is a cat at home, many people will bring the cats to the collar to the cat , Or some accessories for identification. If you bring some jewelry to the cat and wear the corresponding accessories according to your numerology, you can not only get along with the cat better, but also bring wealth to yourself, which is conducive to career development.
    2. Cat houses should clean and sanitary
    The people to raise cats, they will prepare a small house for cats, or make a simple `nest, which is convenient for cats to eat and convenient. Cleaning, often bathing cats, keeping the cat cleaning, can bring good fortune to yourself, not only can recruit wealth, but also the fortune of interpersonal.
    3. Cat sand placing the sanitaryium
    cat litter can absorb dirty gas and take away the mold at home, but cat sand cannot be placed at home's financial position, or door, balcony and other ventilation gas gathers. The place should be placed in places with a heavy dirty atmosphere such as bathrooms. It can take away the mildew of the home, which is conducive to resolving various disasters, and also bring wealth and peach blossoms.
    This cats at home affect wealth? 3 Cats are not good after wealth
    From the perspective of Feng Shui, cats are wealth.
    Cats are a well -sufficient animal, so if you raise cats, you can improve the angry yang of our house, and naturally it can also play a good role in the wealth at home.
    It cats can actually play a good role in the family. Cats can calm down the mouse at home, and mice look at Feng Shui. Then it means that the wealth is unstable and wealth is coming, so at this time, it is best to raise cats, and to calm the mouse on the gas field.
    The benefits of raising cats are many. In China's folk culture, cats have nine lives. Can turn danger. Therefore, it is also regarded as auspicious pet of Huasha. Cats in the home can play a certain deterrent effect, which can prevent evil spirits, protect the house, and help peace.

    What taboos of cat feng shui
    The cat nest, cat litter, cat climbing rack and other items at home. Many people think that cats think cats The cat litter has a taste, and the cat litter is placed at the door or next to the door. In this way, the god of wealth will not dare to enter the house.
    The bowls of cats and drinking water, in terms of feng shui, there is actually no special saying, but it must be placed in a fixed position, and it should be cleaned and kept clean. Otherwise, it will hinder the wealth in the home Essence
    does not raise black cats
    In general, cats can choose white, orange and gray. It is best not to raise black cats. In folk feng shui, especially the eyes of black cats look even more bright, so black cats are generally raised in a business shop or a special house in the house to block it.
    But nourishing black cats in ordinary families can easily look uncoordinated, easily increase the yin at home, and bring bad luck to the home.
    What houses and eight characters are suitable for raising cats
    The tiger belongs to cats, and cats are close relatives. The houses in the northwest are more suitable for cats.
    For the eight characters of cats, people who are born in the cold season or those born in the cold season will be more suitable for cats. Only cats and owners are healthy and strong can they bring smooth fortunes to their homes, and to the owner and the owner and the owner and Cats are a good thing.

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