5 thoughts on “Is it better to raise a cat or keep a dog? Which bacteria are there? Which is cleaner?”

  1. In fact, if you like it, it is mainly taken care of by yourself, and there will be less bacteria. Dogs are generally cleaner. Cats are recommended to buy good cats with only purebred cats, not ordinary cats. Big, and it is good, whether it is a cat or a dog. Before buying it, you have to take a vaccine, which is good for you, and then pay attention to hygiene. ,,

  2. If the bacteria are almost clean, it must be the cat. You must have seen a cat itself. If you want to comb the dog yourself, how dirty is the dirty and the place will be a little dirty. Obviously lying

  3. You can pull the cat or dog. You can pull it casually. The cat is tamed with a dog. It often goes out, so it will be a bit dirty. The dog is cleaner than a cat.

  4. After the cat grows up, it is relatively quiet, and the dog is more lively. The key depends on what kind of the original poster likes. As long as you pay attention to the hygiene of pets, no one is dirty. If you have to conclude the next conclusion, cats are cleaner than dogs.

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