2 thoughts on “Why does the puppy lick their own stools”

  1. Reasons to eat stool:

    1. The most common is the lack of trace elements. In this case, dogs will also have wall skin and other behaviors.
    2. The dog's poop has a protein that is not digested. It is eaten by dogs as food. In this case, dogs are usually soft and thin.
    3. Dogs were punished by the master when they were at home. It would eat the stool and not be beaten.
    4. The dog is very boring to play. The dogs who have happened in this case are generally dogs with less accompanying time. The dogs play or eat them. 5. To get the owner's attention.
    6. The owner often clean up his stool. Over time, the dog imitates the owner to clean up the urine, or the dogs also learn to eat imitation behavior when they see other dogs eating stool.
    7. Dogs with chronic gastritis will also have this kind of alien food. Generally, it is also accompanied by frequent vomiting

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