2 thoughts on “What happened to the dog all the time”

  1. There may be several reasons for dogs to tremble:
    The first dog's emotions may be too excited, too excited or fear will tremble.
    If it is too cold in winter, the dog will also tremble.
    Third, you must consider whether the dogs eat the wrong things, such as eating grapes, chocolate and other foods. These foods are fatal for dogs.
    Fifth neuropathy. If a dog has neurological diseases, it will also cause trembling, as if people have Parkinson, what the owner can do is the help of a professional doctor to counsel the dog to the hospital.
    The sixth lack of calcium. In fact, dog -deficient calcium can also cause trembling daily imbalanced diet, or rarely expose the sun, which will affect the dog's absorption of calcium. Dogs with severe situations need to buy some calcium tablets to supplement.

  2. Dogs are always trembling. There may be several reasons:
    . The temperature is reduced. The dog stays outdoors or the owner does not keep warm for the dog, causing the dog to tremble coldly.
    . Dogs may have just arrived at home, not adapt to the new environment, and feel nervous and shivering.
    . Dogs may be sick, uncomfortable, painful and trembling, and some dogs are trembling and convulsions of neurological symptoms.

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