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  1. Teddy dogs (details introduction)
    in recent years, people's material level has continued to improve, but many people's hearts are not very happy, especially for some lonely old people and office workers. Essence Therefore, raising dogs has become a popular trend. Dogs not only add color to our lives, but they also understand that many people have a sustenance in the minds of many people. But what we need to remember is that it is possible to raise dogs, but don't rely too much on dogs.

    old people who like to raise pets after retirement, but some people raise pet dependency. Pets are sick, and the owner often cannot accept it. Dead thoughts.
    The more and more people raising small pets, most of them are old people after retirement. Cute kittens and puppies have become loyal partners in the lives of the elderly. They accompany the elderly every day. Over time, the relationship between the elderly and pets is getting deeper and deeper. When pets are sick or left, some elderly people often follow the sleep and food, less daytime, and irritability. Some elderly people may have physical symptoms. Stomach pain, headache, and stomach pain, individual elderly may also have the idea of ​​death. This is pet dependency.
    The elderly experienced the decline of from youth to the elderly, and there will be some psychological changes, especially the lack of social value after retirement. Children are not around. After this gap, they gained the feeling of being needed, valued and happy in pets, and life became interesting. Some elderly people have always cared about their children's calls because of their pets, and they will not feel lonely in a few days after they do not contact. In a sense, pets have become the families of these elderly people.
    The elderly must also learn to enrich their own lives. Do not put the fun of life and emotions on pets alone. More interests and more hobbies will be rich and colorful. Pets are not unable to raise, but they cannot invest excessively emotion and energy. They cannot regard pets as the whole of life and the only emotional support. Go out and go away, make friends, and participate in social activities. Channel.
    Therefore, we need to pay attention to nourishing pets, especially old friends, we must pay attention to we can treat pets as a kind of leisure and entertainment. We should be responsible for pets and take good care of pets, but we cannot fully put feelings to put their feelings completely. In the dog, it was unable to extricate ourselves.

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