5 thoughts on “What pet dog is the smartest and more human ??”

  1. Samo: The smiling white coat of the angel class forever is very clean and very Q
    Golden retriever: very high IQ, obedient and loyal, that is, a lot of people who are raised are a bit too practical
    Su Mu: Yes, there is Yellow and white, yellow black and white. Meteorites. Waiting for a few colors.
    Thenally similar to border herds. There are several large dogs such as Emperor Xile Emperor: Ancient Shepherd. Big White Bear. Lionla Bullado. Cameng dog. Akita dog. Japanese Chai. There are giant Sherry
    mainly because he likes it. Although he only has more than 10 years of life. It's nothing. But for him, you can accompany him for a lifetime

  2. Whether the golden retriever is good or the human nature is mainly depends on whether the owner trains their dogs in the top 15 of the dog's intelligence ranking. Golden Mao Hunting Dog 5. Doberman 6. Sydori (Shedelan "Shepherd) 7. Labrador Hounds 8. Butterfly Dog 9. Lown 10. Australian herd cattle 11. Wilskaki dog 12. Mini Sherry 13 British jumping dog 14. Belgian Toperren 15 Shiqi Parker Dog/Billy Shileps Sheep Dog 16. Scottish Shepherd 17. German short -haired instructions 18 British Coco/Standard Sherry 19 Brittany Hound 20. US Card Card

  3. Labrador, Golden Retriever, Alaska and other medium/small dogs, because they are gentle, smart and human. But if you want to buy them, it is best to buy their early childhood!

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