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  1. Hi, shit officer! This is everyone's pet, I hope the answer of the little pet will help you:
    Is when we hold a soft little cute home and start to bear the responsibility of "parents", in addition to learning how to take care of it Outside of eating and drinking, you must also understand its physical health. For example, when they are sick, how to choose a pet hospital that is appropriate and not pitted, today the little pet will tell the shit officer for a good way based on actual experience and the suggestion of everyone's pet doctors.

    It Figures
    1. Do not wait for pets to go to the hospital when they are sick

    It pets that shoveling officers should understand through the Internet and the city of the same city. For pet hospitals with good local word of mouth, you can choose a few suitable field inspections, use pets to vaccinate vaccine or find a healthy relative, go to the hospital for observation and assessment, observe the doctor's attitude, professional literacy, hospital environment, equipment, equipment, equipment, and equipment etc.
    At the same time, you can also understand the condition of the pet through online consultation. If you go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment, you also have a large understanding of the pet's condition, and it will not be empty.
    FIG. From the Internet
    2, the shoveling officer needs a few points that need to be observed in detail

    According to the "Administrative Measures for Animal Diagnostic Institution" promulgated in 2009, the little pet from the shoveling officer To interpret the choice of pet hospitals, we need to pay attention to what points.
    The method stipulates that the animal diagnosis and treatment site must have an independent entrance and exit; those who have more than one person who obtain the qualification certificate of a practicing veterinarian; there are fixed diagnosis and treatment places; , Harmicization and other management systems.
    It Figures from the Internet
    The summary, that is, the pet hospital supports the receipt and invoices, which can protect the rights and interests of the pet owner; the pet hospital must have a veterinarian certificate. Check it; pet hospitals must have an independent sterile operating room, diagnosis and treatment room, and so on.

    3. How to observe the pet hospital
    First of all, when we enter the pet hospital, we can smell a strong smell of disinfection water. This kind of The taste is "toloenphenol soap", so don't worry that this pair of people is harmless.
    It from the Internet
    Secondly, the front desk of the hospital is settled into the pet hospital. The regular pet hospitals are placed with medical licenses, veterinarian qualification certificates and other documents or photos. When personnel, they should get reasonable professional suggestions, not the sales of products or services.

    In the network
    again, when we communicate with the pet doctor, the doctor will say what the lesion, the cause, the treatment plan, and the shoveler need to do. In fact, we are communicating with the doctor. At that time, you can basically know the level of the doctor.

    . Finally, you can observe the inpatient area. It mainly observes whether there are special isolation areas, ordinary inpatients, and whether pets are separated. In addition, we can search for the evaluation and reputation of a pet hospital through a certain group and a certain review!

  2. First of all, the pet owner should not panic when he loves pets. When you go to the pet clinic (hospital), you must see if the pet clinic (hospital) has a business license and animal diagnosis and treatment permit. Fundamental conditions.
    Secondly, you can understand the qualifications of the doctor, observe whether the process is regular, whether the various charges are complete, and whether the charges are clear. Third, check whether the pet clinic (hospital) is odor, whether the medical conditions are complete, etc. In addition, the pet doctor also suggested that the pet owner can take a few more pet clinics (hospitals) for a few more pets, and avoid blind trust.
    For "pets are more expensive than humans", pet doctors admitted: "The price of some veterinary drugs is indeed more expensive, because more and more people raising pets today, and the demand for veterinary drugs is constantly increasing Large, and the manufacturers of veterinary drugs are limited, and the supply and demand is inequality, so that "pets are more expensive than humans'."
    Extension information:
    The establishment of pet hospitals:
    The Animal Epidemic Prevention Law of the People's Republic of China stipulates that the establishment of an institution engaged in animal diagnosis and treatment activities shall apply to the veterinary department of the local people's government at or above the county level to apply for animal diagnosis and treatment permits. The state implements a system of practicing veterinary qualification examination system.
    The college degree or above with veterinarian -related universities. Those who pass the exam can obtain a qualification certificate for practicing veterinary medicine. Those who are engaged in animal diagnosis and treatment shall also apply to the veterinary department of the local people's government at or above the local county level.
    Is after obtaining animal diagnosis and treatment licenses and animal epidemic prevention permits, pet hospitals or pet clinics only need to apply for some conventional business licenses and procedures such as industrial and commercial business licenses to operate.
    Reference information Source: People's Daily -why pets are so expensive

  3. 1. Inquire with friends who are breeding of pets, judge from the word of mouth feedback.
    2, field inspection, personally go to the pet hospital to see, see the configuration of medical equipment. Talk to the doctor about pet disease and see how pet doctors can answer you.
    3, how much do you see a pet hospital for a doctor or see a doctor.

  4. Pet owners can choose a pet hospital with good reputation nearby. If you do n’t know, you can ask your neighbors or send a circle of friends to ask.

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