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  1. The lion and eagle are members of the royal family. Civilians are not raised.
    1. Favorite, domestication, hull, and vessels. This is the tradition of the Arabs. There are often such competitions in the local area.
    2. Raising lions is purely rich for fun. Basically, when they were young, they were nourished when they were young.
    It the rich in the country, in fact, many people only know that Saudi Arabia is a tyrant who is rich in oil production. In fact, in addition to luxury, Dubai also has many interesting features, which is beyond imagination.
    1. Camels sell every day
    The Saudi capital Riya has a large camel market. Random History data from historical facts and related information websites show that Riyadh's market sells about 100 camels a day.
    2. Foreigners
    "Overview of the World Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the US Central Intelligence (CIA), about 8.412 million workers in Saudi Arabia, but about 6 million of them are not Saudi Arabia. The national nationals, equivalent to 80%of Saudi migrant workers are foreigners. Most Saudi workers are engaged in the work of oil and service. Riyadh is currently trying to reduce the unemployment rate of Saudi Arabia.
    . The world's largest global
    If Data of the Energy Intelligence Department (EIA) of the Ministry of Energy of the United States shows that Saudi Arabia's GHAWAR oil field is the highest reserves in the world. It is estimated that the reserves of non -mining of crude oil reached 75 billion barrels. If a standard swimming pool can accommodate 66.025.309 million gallons according to the capacity of the Olympic Standard Swimming Pool, Ghawar's reserves are enough to fill 47.70897 million such swimming pools.
    4. Military expenses The world's fourth highest
    Colon research institution "Stockholm International Peace Research Institute" statistics, Saudi Arabia's military expenditure in 2013 ranked fourth in the world, after the United States, China and Russia. Saudi Arabia's annual military expenditure was US $ 67 billion, an increase of 14%over 2012. Not only that, among the top 15 military expenditures in the world, Saudi Arabia has the highest proportion of expenses to GDP. World Bank data shows that Afghanistan's GDP in 2013 was about $ 20.3 billion. Saudi Arabia ’s military expenditure is more than three times that of Afghanistan GDP.
    5. In fact, the country of Sands
    The land area of ​​Sands is 830,000 square miles ranked 13th in the world, and it is the second vast country in the world of Arabia. Maps of World Data from various map comprehensive websites in the world shows that 95%of Saudi Arabia ’s land is desert or semi -desert, with only 1.45%of the land suitable for farming. Al Nafud and Rubal-Khali and other world-leading deserts are in Saudi Arabia. If compared with Germany, Germany is 13.7847 million square miles, and the desert area of ​​Saudi Arabia is equivalent to six Germany.

  2. Due to the different living environment, many animals do not get better growth everywhere, so they are more preferred to pets that can adapt to the UAE environment. Geographical problems, but there are such pets very dazzling.

  3. Falcon, tamingflagia, and putting falcons are the tradition of the Arabs, and there are often such competitions in the local area.
    This lion is purely rich for fun. Basically, when he was a child, he was raised as a child.

  4. Dubai is a modern metropolis. The Arab Emirates has the largest population. Following Abu Dhabi, the second largest chief country, the richest city in the Middle East, is the economic and financial center of the Middle East. The capital.
    In Dubai, the lion and eagle are members of the royal family, and the civilians have not been raised.
    (1) Raising Falcon, Taming Falcon, and Falcon. This is the tradition of the Arabs. There are often such competitions in the local area.
    (2) Lion raising is purely rich people for fun. Basically, when they were young, they were nourished when they were young.

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