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  1. The Bagu dog is considerate, cute small dog species, do not need exercise or sorting back hair frequently, but requires companions. There are more wrinkles, and walking like a boxer is its characteristic. It is a way to communicate with the sound of gurgling breathing and the sound of pumping nose like a horse. At the same time, this dog has excellent and clean personality, and these characteristics have become the reason why they are widely loved.
    If feed the food of Bagu dogs, meat (beef, chicken, fish) must be fresh, (prohibited feeding seafood) fish should be removed, and the number can be based on the weight of the dog. In order to be moderate, you should not feed too much, otherwise you will get fat and lose your cute image.
    In addition to the meat, there should be some vegetables such as vegetables and cooked beans or cookies without sugar or less sugar. The meat should be boiled for 15-20 minutes before chopping. The meat is cooked, one is to increase the fragrance and cause appetite; the other is to kill the bacteria and parasites in the meat to prevent the disease from getting sick. The Bagu dog is a more gluttonous dog, so you must master the amount of food. When feeding, you should be fixed regularly to feed dog food to develop your good eating habits.
    Buy dogs are lively and fun. They must give a certain time activity every day to achieve a certain amount of exercise. However, this dog's respiratory tract is particularly short, and severe exercise will cause hypoxia due to rapid breathing. Therefore, it is not advisable to perform too severe exercise, it is best to take it out in the morning and evening. When you go out, wear a collar for it to limit your running or strenuous exercise.
    Peorizing dogs:
    1. Pay attention to the fear of the dog
    has just arrived in a new environment, puppy may be called Master, you should prepare enough food and water, and create a warm and comfortable atmosphere for it. You can use soft old clothes to spread on the cushion and place the nest on each other at any time to reduce Panic.
    2. Pay attention to bathing the dog
    The puppy entering a new strange environment, it will cause an excessive reaction due to inappropriateness, and the resistance will decrease. If you take a bath at this time, it will be easy to get sick. If the odor on the puppy is really unbearable, you can wipe it with a wet towel or dry cleaning powder. Be sure to keep warm. When it is familiar with you to adapt to a new environment, and then take a large -scale bath.
    3. Pay attention to the ingredients of feeding
    Is about feeding, if it is a puppy, it usually takes feeding 3 to 4 times a day; if it is a puppy within one and a half months, it is recommended to use special milk powder or Porridge that loves to eat, but do not put salt and oil; if it is a puppy for more than two months, you can almost feed puppies and dog food, but be careful to soak in advance. Pet special nutrition products, but do not excess.

  2. 1. Clean love, never excrete in the corner of eating or sleeping, and even dig a hole and urinate first, and then do not forget to cover up the soil with the hind legs.
    2, hot summer, especially the sweltering weather, it will have difficulty breathing and even ill. Do not let it move directly on the scorching sun. If necessary, you should cool down or move to a ventilated place if necessary.
    3. In the breeding management of the Bagu dog, you must give enough nutrition, pay attention to the diet of the dog list. In fact, the dog food on the market can fully meet the daily needs of dogs. It is recommended to give dogs natural food. You can usually eat some vegetables and meat for dogs, so that the dog's nutrition is very sufficient.
    4. In the summer, it should take a bath every week. In winter, the interval between bathing can be extended appropriately. Because there are many wrinkles on the head and neck of the Bacor dog, it is easy to hide dirt and bacteria, so raising this dog should pay special attention to cleaning and sanitary work. Washing every month every other month, hot summer, every 2-3 days. Pay special attention to cleaning the wrinkles to prevent skin diseases or scabies. After a bath, use a soft bristles to brush the hair and use a hair dryer to dry it.
    The development history:
    If inferred that the origin of the origin is Tibet, China, and this dog is called "PAI" in China.
    In the middle of the sixteenth century, the first batch of Bagu dogs was exported to France: In the 17th century, the Bagu dog was introduced by the Dutch East India Company to the world, and the number of foreign countries was reduced. It is not until the establishment of the Bagu Association in the late 19th century that the number of dogs has been steadily improved, and it continues to improve it into today's dog breed standards.
    The Bagu dog is loved by the nobles in the Netherlands, also known as the Dutch dog, which is the same system as the Beijing dog.

  3. What is the habit of dog life?

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