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  1. First of all, look at what kind of pets are. Then, according to the species of pets, go to the local market to investigate the price of this variety pet.
    Legal analysis
    According to relevant laws and regulations, for those who love pets, pets are actually part of the family. If the pet dies unexpectedly, the owner has doubts about the death of pets, and he can apply for pet death judicial justice Appraisal. Pets can enjoy the same rights as humans, but there are very few appraisal agencies, and there are corresponding costs. Where to do judicial appraisal according to the death of animals. When a large number of pigs died, they immediately reported to the local animal hygiene supervision institute that the local animal health supervision institute was sent to the scene to determine whether it was infectious diseases that broke out. When the personnel of the Dynamic Supervisory Institute confirmed that it was a infectious disease, it should first give the animal's death diagnostic medical records, and at the same time explained what the pig died. Plague, foot -and -mouth disease, blue ear disease vaccine, and during the immunization period, at this time, the pigs are exactly the infectious disease in swine fever, pendant disease, and blue ear disease, and will treat pig corpses in accordance with harmless regulations. At the same time, the subsidy will be lost. If the staff of the Institute of Dynamic Supervisors says that pigs do not die any of the above diseases, there will be two results. One is that the disease that does not pay for immune vaccination is harmless, but no corresponding compensation is given corresponding compensation. The second is non -infectious disease, and the personnel of the Dynamic Supervisory Institute will not be dealt with and will not be compensated at the same time. When the staff of the Institute of Dynamic Supervisors cannot make the diagnosis at the scene, they should clarify the next step of handling opinions. At the same time, the professional and technical personnel of the corresponding qualifications of the upper -level competent authorities will be diagnosed at the present. This requires a laboratory diagnosis. However, the judicial appraisal of death for pets has not been popularized, so there are very few institutions for the judicial appraisal of pets for pets.
    The legal basis
    "The General Principles of the Judicial Appraisal Procedure" Article 4 of the judicial appraisal agency and judicial appraiser shall conduct judicial appraisal activities. Operation specifications.

  2. First of all, expressed condolences to your puppy's encounter. Mourning.

    This compensation for mental damage on the floor will not support the court.

    The dogs are just a kind of commodity and property, and the law will not be able to consider the owner's emotional factors for it. There is no issue of compensation for real estate laws, and the compensation for mental damage stipulated in the law is limited to people.

    The compensation is generally limited to the original price of dog buying dogs plus medical treatment. Both of the above items must have the support of evidence, such as invoices. If there is no evidence support, the court will not support it.

  3. This is more difficult. I personally think that in addition to compensating some of your dog's money (this also requires a test statement to explain that it is due to the kidney failure caused by dog ​​food, and you can prove that your dog has never eaten other other. Dog food), hospitalization fee, and mental loss, it is difficult for this court to support your lawsuit.

  4. The market price of the dog can apply for the spiritual compensation of 2000-5000, but I am afraid that the court will not support too much

  5. I mentioned here, there are regulations for reimbursement of medical expenses, people have it, I don’t know if pets are

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