What's wrong with the fishy smell on the puppy

After 10 months of puppy, the hair has a fishy smell. How can I wash it? What is going on?

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  1. Because the dog's sebaceous glands and sweat glands will secrete a strong material with strong taste, this substance will become stronger as the temperature rises. This is why the dog's experience will be severe than winter. But this secretion and odor can be removed by bathing.
    If the dog is not brushed for a long time, and the oral cavity is cleaned, they will have bad breath, and in severe cases, oral diseases will be generated. And bad breath is also one of the sources of the odor of Teddy dogs. Therefore, in order to health of Teddy Dog's oral cavity and prevent bad breath, parents must develop a good habit of brushing their teeth daily.
    The anal glands of the dog will secrete anal glandular fluid. The smell of the anal glandular fluid is very stinky. If it is not cleaned regularly, the anal glandular liquid will be accumulated to produce a very strong odor. It can even cause anal gland inflammation, and the anal glands should be cleaned regularly.
    The expansion information: breeding method:

    The dietary principles of pet dogs are fixed, quantitative, quality, fixed, fixed -point, and temperature.
    The timeliness is to select feeding time according to your own dietary needs. Once the feeding time is determined, feed regularly every day, and you cannot change at will, so that pet dogs can build conditional reflection. Quantitative is to control the amount of pet dogs. It is advisable to not be hungry or full. It is equivalent to the seven -point or eight fullness of people.
    The quality is to ensure the diet quality of pet dogs, including clean drinking water, safe food, nutritional balance, etc. Pet foods are mainly divided into two types, one is to buy professional dog food, one is leftovers leftovers, and two kinds of foods are available.
    It should be noticed that you cannot feed mildew foods, and you cannot feed chocolate, onion, garlic, chicken bone bone, pork bone, shrimp and crab and other foods. , Do not feed greasy foods, do not feed sweet or irritating foods for a long time. Once the food is poisoned, you cannot use salt to stimulate vomiting.
    The number of daily diets of pet dogs is fixed, and adult dogs can be fed once a day in the morning and evening. The number of young dogs can be 1 to 2 times. The fixed point is to fix the dietary location of the pet dog. The fixed temperature is that the food of pet dogs must have a certain temperature. It should not be too hot and cold. Give warm food in winter.

  2. Dogs may be calcium deficiency. Give it some calcium tablets, vitamins, or let him eat less meat, and eat more vegetables. For some dogs, it is normal to have a fishy smell.
    If the dog's skin has a wound, it is odor
    is very common. However, wounds will be expanded due to bacterial sensation, the most common is Staphylococcus. Sensitive diseases, hormones, and endocrine disorders all cause the dog's skin to odor.
    This, the fleas parasitic on the dog's skin are all sources of odor. Dogs will also catch the skin because of itching, which will cause more severe germs infection. In this case, it is best to take a dog to the veterinarian clinic for detailed examination and appropriate treatment.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenI am very happy to serve younHello, the puppy has a fishy smell to remove the following methods: First, regular use of dog -specific fragrance waves to take a bath for dogs. Usually, wash it once or twice a month, which can effectively eliminate the fishy smell on the dog. Second, if it is caused by the disease, take the dog to the hospital for treatment in time. Third, reduce meat intake.

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