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  1. 1. Look at the mental state

    The healthy puppy is sensitive, lively and active, and is willing to play with people. The sick puppy seemed to be in a bad mental state, ignoring the outside world, or running wildly.

    2, looking at the eyes

    Healthy puppy eyes are very bright, the two eyes are the same size, no injuries, and the conjunctiva of the eyes is pink Essence The sick dog's eye conjunctiva is congested, and some sick dogs have secretions on both eyes.

    3. Look at the nose

    The nose of a healthy puppy is moist, without secretions and slurry.

    4, looking at the mouth
    The teeth are neat and white. There is no gap when the dog's mouth is closed, and no drool.

    5. Look at the skin

    Healthy puppy skin is shiny, the skin is strong, and it feels soft and gentle. If the dog's skin will be dry, the fur is thick and hard, and some have alopecia areata or scalp skin, it means that the dog is sick.

    6. Look at the anus

    Healthy puppy anal tightening, clean around, without foreign bodies. The sick puppy's anus looks dirty, and sometimes see ulcers and inflammation.

  2. Seven major standards to determine whether dogs are healthy
    The health status of dogs is not based on your first visual impression. You need to know whether the dog is healthy, you need to consider the dogs from seven aspects And any of the standards do not meet, it shows that the dogs have hidden health hazards and need to be dealt with immediately. If you want to buy pet dogs, these seven standards can also help you pick up a healthy dog.

    . Ear
    INK health dogs can find the source of sound according to the sound. For example, you can make sounds behind the dog or side. Essence In addition to hearing inspections, you should also see if there are bleeding, parasites, redness and other phenomena inside the dog's ears. If so, it means that the dog is not healthy and requires treatment.
    . Eyes
    This hand in front of the dog's eyes, and then move left and right. If the dog's sight can move back and forth with your hand, it means that it has no vision problem. Of course, it is not enough to see if the dog's vision is normal. If the dog's eyes are congested, the eyeball covers the white film or a large amount of eye shit, it means that the dog may now be troubled by certain diseases.
    . The nose
    Under normal circumstances, the dog's nose should be moist, so if you find that the dog's nose is dry, then find what the reason is. In addition, dogs may sometimes have snot. If the snot is transparent, then you don't have to worry too much. This is normal. And if the dog flows out of a yellow snot, it is likely to suffer from respiratory diseases.
    . The oral cavity
    Observing the dog's mouth, you just need to look at its gum color. The gum pink represents that the dog is very healthy. Caused by anemia.
    five, fur
    Thising dog fur you need to pay attention to four places: around the mouth, neck, ears and thighs. If a piece of red or block red appears in these places, it is prompted that the dog is infected with mites or fungi, and the small black particles in the hair indicate the infection of fleas. In addition, healthy dogs are shiny, and the dogs that are easy to break their hair are lacking protein. Dogs with dry hair and bifurcation are malnutrition or anemia.
    . The foot pads
    The adult dog's feet are full and strong, and the young dog's foot pad is soft and delicate. If the dog's foot pads appear dry, it shows that it is malnourished; if it is a hard phenomenon in the young dog's foot pads, it may indicate that the appearance of canine plague is prompted.
    7. Spirit
    Healthy dogs are usually lively and curious about new things. If the dog is listless and unwilling to interact with others, don't think that it is the "dumb" popular on the Internet, it is likely to be caused by the dog's illness. In addition, if the dog is afraid of strangers, pinch, etc., it may be that it may not be trained during socialization, and it may take a long time to integrate the new environment in the future.
    If you want to buy a dog, you may also need to see the dog's vaccine injection record. The dog's dog's body is more resistant to the dog's body and it is not easy to infect diseases.

  3. 1. See if the eyes of the puppy are bright, flexible and energetic. The left and right side of the head use sound to determine whether the auditory hearing is normal.
    2. Most of the healthy puppies are moist. The eyes, ears, and nasal are clean and non -secretions. There is no odor in the ears.
    4. Healthy puppies include the fur of the limbs and tails on the whole body, and should not have bald hair, dandruff, external parasites (insects) or itching.
    5. Let the puppy stand and touch its whole body. The ribs should be touched but not obvious; the abdomen should not be excessively swollen or swollen; ").
    6. Gently lift the puppy tail, the anus and tail are clean.
    7. Finally, you can also play and jump through the dogs. The health puppy's actions are normal, flexible, without clamor. I hope to help you, choose a lively and healthy puppy!

  4. It is very simple to judge the health of dogs. You must pay attention to the following points:
    1. Body and expression, flexible body, stable pace, smooth hair, and well -proportioned muscles. Look at the skin's difference in the skin. Looking at the expression, the performance is lively and cute, and the eyes and ears are flexible. When people take the initiative to approach, they actively approach or avoid.
    2. The dog's ears smell the smell in the ears, and whether there are dandruff at the tip of the ear to prevent parasites. If the dog passes
    The head head to the ears, there may be problems in the ear
    3. Looking at the eyes, whether there is redness in the eyes, a large amount of eye shit, and a odor, if there is a problem that the dog has a problem.
    4, the dog's nose is moist, without slurry or strong secretions. If the nose is dry, or there is a slurry or

    5. The dog's mouth is cleaned and humid in mouth, without odor, no drooling.
    6. If the dog's tail and anus, if the dog's tail has a yellow mark, it means that the dog has diarrhea or
    The disease of the diarrhea, and then see if the anus is
    The redness or ulceration.
    7. The dog's foot pads are slightly wet, soft, and not cracked, which is a health symbol.

  5. The owner can judge the health of the dog by observing the dog's body! Intersection
    1. Port: The health of the health dog is clean, there is no odor in the mouth, the mucous membranes (tooth beds, tongue, etc.) are moist, smooth and pink. The teeth are white (the puppies in April to June grow from the elastic teeth); after the hot season or severe exercise, the dog will open the mouth to extend the tongue to increase the heat dissipation and regulate the body temperature; Sign.
    If the dog's mouth cannot be closed, flowing mucus (or blood), it is difficult to chew or swallow; the mucous membrane is red, pale or yellow; foreign body cards; odor of the mouth, etc. Symptoms of systemic diseases.
    2. Eye: Healthy dog ​​eyes are bright and godlike, clean and eyeless, and the conjunctiva is pink.
    If the dog is afraid of light, crying, from time to time to grab the front paws, increase eyes shit, bleeding, conjunctiva red or pale, corneal turbid opaque, weakened vision, strabismus, etc., indicating that there is a problem with its eyes itself or other parts of the body. You need to ask veterinarians even if you ask.
    3. Nose: Healthy dog's nose is humid and cold (dry when sleeping), and the nostrils are clean and non -secretions.
    If the dog's nose is hot, dry (or keratinization, dry cracks, etc.), the nostrils are not clean, flowing water or purulent secretions, sneezing from time to time, etc. At this time, it is a sign of thermal disease or respiratory disease.
    4. Ear: Healthy dogs are symmetrical, the inner skin of the ears is pink, and the ear canal is cleaned without foreign body and no odor.
    If the dog has a severe throwing head and shaking the ears, the auricular swelling, the secretions flowing from the inner ear canal, and the unpleasant odor, the hearing decreased, the balance of the balancing, the crooked head, the ear hair is scarce, and the ear hair is scarce. At the time of the signs of the auricle, it is mostly caused by local diseases or parasites, and foreign bodies attachment. But it is worth noting that when the dog wakes up, it often likes to shake his head. This is a normal phenomenon ~~
    5. Tortoles: The bones of healthy dogs are well -proportioned and luster; when touching the dog's body by hand, the dog does not have pain. The owner will feel that the dog's muscles are strong, the abdomen is soft, there is no feeling of lumping, and the skin surface of the body has no hard block ~

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