5 thoughts on “What are the most suitable dogs for men? How to choose a dog that suits you?”

  1. Nowadays, more and more people like to raise some pet dogs at home, especially some women, of course, men are no exception. As far as I know, the majority of male friends prefer to raise Erha. why? Because our friends who like dogs know that Er Ha is a relatively stupid dog, but sometimes he is a dog who feels like a drama. Er Ha's destruction is extremely strong, saying that it is an expert for demolition, because he likes to bite anymore, so we don't want to buy very expensive things at home. Even a little bit of magical quality, he often does something that is unexpected to make you collapse. After that, you must have a great patience as the master. Er Ha's physical strength is very good. It never knows what is tired. It may often not feel tired when you are the most tired. So this has aroused the urge to raise them. However, according to some data records, the most suitable dogs for male friends are as follows.

    : Alaska, everyone knows that when we mention Alaska, we will think of its unique personality characteristics. The kind of. Although Alaska looks very fierce from the entire appearance, it is actually very gentle and weak in its heart. Therefore, if Alaska walks on the road in the hands of a boy, it will increase the handsomeness and increase rate of boys! But a disadvantage is that the IQ of this variety is a bit low.

    : The famous bullfighting dog. When people see the bullfighting dog, it should be the first to see the meat on it. Its figure is very good. The master, the little look is very cute, and does not affect the power after growing up. It is a typical royal sister style!

    Third: Samoyed, the dog category is to have a lot of return rate, then it is Samoyed. If you want to succeed in the beautiful young lady, this is also a good secret. Weapons, general ladies and sisters have no resistance to this dog!

    The fourth is Labrador. Labrador is a large dog. It has a smart mind and likes to follow the owner very much. It is also very friendly to the children! Is an excellent partner dog. Men must not miss this type of pet dog.

  2. As a guard dog, horse dogs are first -class whether they are IQ, obedience or loyalty, and are better than other dog breeds. The commander of the Mu Mu looks handsome, looks cool, and has a high degree of loyalty. Boys raised a German herd, not only domineering, but also allowed themselves to raise a grade. See your preference to choose your favorite varieties, but you must be responsible for them and don't abandon them.

  3. As a guard dog, horse dogs are first -class whether they are IQ, obedience or loyalty, and are better than other dog breeds. If a boy wants to raise a dog, the horse is worth your own. After all, no boy can refuse such a multifunctional dog! If you are a person who loves peace and compare Buddhas, the type of dogs with such characters is: golden retriever.

  4. German Mu can be said to be a dog breeding very much. Because German Mu's appearance is handsome, his personality is smart and calm, and he is extremely loyal to the owner. After the boys are raised, they will become male gods. After all, they are all faces. Therefore, if a boy wants to become a male god, you may wish to raise a German herd, and you may soon find the other half. Observe the puppy on the spot, see the behavior of parents and dogs! Buying a dog must go to the scene to see it!

  5. The rankings are golden retriever, Alaska, and Raiver I personally think that according to their own personality and strength, the size, environment, and energy in the home, choose a dog that suits you.

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