4 thoughts on “What is wrong with the dog's nose?”

  1. Nasal congestion and indentation may be caused by a cold. If the dog's spirit, appetite, and stool are normal, the problem should not be big. It may be caused by a cold and cold. You can coldly feed the dog for a few days. You can give you a temperature of the dog at home at home. Put your thermometer between the hairless places between the dog's abdomen and the inside of the thighs. Clamp the measurement for 5 minutes. The normal body temperature of the dog is between 38 ~ 39 degrees. If you have a fever, it is recommended to take a dog to a pet hospital for a comprehensive examination, more assured.

  2. Consider whether it is caused by a cold. If a cold, like people, it is prone to symptoms such as nasal congestion, sneezing, runny nose, cough, etc. You can measure the lower body temperature at home at home. The normal body temperature of the dog is 37.5 degrees to 39.2 degrees. In between, you can feed the dog with a cold and probiotics to relieve the symptoms. When you sleep at night, you can put a blanket. If the situation has not improved in 2 to 3 days, it is recommended to go to the hospital early to antibacterial and anti -inflammatory.

  3. Dog's nose is not ventilated in the respiratory tract infection, the nasal mucosa is swollen, and the nasal cavity is not ventilated. It may also be caused by other reasons, such as nasal mucosa polyps, and abnormal biomedy biomas in the nasal cavity, soft palate, and hard palate. These situations can only be checked when they go to the hospital.

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