5 thoughts on “Dogs are so cute, why are anyone particularly afraid of dogs?”

  1. Because some dog varieties are relatively aggressive and easily hurt people, such as Tibetan mastiffs, bullfighting dogs, etc. And dogs may also have the possibility of rabies, which is a disease with a very high mortality rate. Then there is some people's life experience, once bitten or frightened by dogs, with psychological shadows. There are many factors that lead to some people who do not like dogs and are afraid of approaching dogs.
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  2. Several reasons.
    The people are born to be afraid of dogs, so no matter how cute the dog is, it will still be afraid. People have a lot of habits that are born, just like natural allergies to certain foods. Some people are "allergic" to dogs like dogs. The habits of this type of population cannot be changed. This fear is engraved in their genes. They are afraid of seeing dogs ...
    There is a shadow for everyone. As the saying goes, the example of being bitten by a snake, ten years of fear of well rope, and the same examples of being bitten by dogs and snakes are the same. The dog once brought them ...
    The was scared by a big dog. The dog has a lot of varieties, and the size is also different. For example

  3. Because the dog is very cute, many people are particularly afraid of dogs, because the dog is Du Lei, he is very fierce, and when he is unhappy, he will urinate and kill people.

  4. Because the dog has a strong aggressiveness, although some dogs are domesticated well, the nature of the dog is very aggressive, so you must pay attention to it, especially when you go out and walk the dog.

  5. Everyone's preferences are different. Some people like dogs, some people don't like dogs, even hate, afraid that the dog may be hurt by the dog before

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