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    The cage according to the dog's body shape
    The saying is to choose a cage with three times the dog size, but how can it be counted three times larger? Intersection If you count from the volume, the above and corners of the cage are actually unavailable for dogs. Others say that the width of the dog's turn around is just enough. I personally think that the size of the size is twice the length of the cage. It should be more suitable for dogs. But if the dog you buy is a puppy, you must consider its growth, so the cage must refer to the dog's adult body type.
    The degree of strength of the dog cage
    If you go to buy a cage, you will find that the texture of the cage is mostly iron, with wire, or cylindrical square iron sticks. The iron wire can be used, but for dogs with relatively strong body size, they must choose a square iron rod, which is a lot stronger than the iron wire. The advantage of the wire is that if you do n’t need it, you can fold it and put it away. Throw it and wasted, so put it at home. Whether the structure of the dog cage is reasonable
    In general, there are not many forms of dog cages. Most of them are more reasonable. There is a tray below, which can facilitate cleaning the dog's urination. What I want to remind is to pay attention to observe whether the bottom plate of the dog cage of the square iron rod (that is, the cage bottom on the plastic tray) is active, and it can be taken out and washed, because the dog's stool will stick it. If you can't get it out, it will be too troublesome. There is also a relatively large -sized iron wire dog cage. Usually there is no tadpole below. This is very inconvenient. It will be deep to move it. The small -sized iron wire cage will not be too strenuous. The last thing to remind is that before buying a dog cage, confirm whether you really have to close the dog in the cage! Dog cage

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