4 thoughts on “What kind of staple foods do pet dogs eat?”

  1. Dogs are generally the best of dog food. If you eat human meals, you can feed some rice, steamed buns, cakes, noodles. These staple food dogs also eat.
    It should be matched with a little supplementary food, such as greens, meat foam and so on. However, the food of dog feeding dogs must be careful not to be too salty. Eating too salty is not good for the dog's body.

  2. It is more suitable for home -raising pet dogs to eat dog food. It cannot be eaten like the same food as candidates, especially the grain is not good for the dog's body. The original nine points are pretty good.

  3. What kind of staple foods to eat for pet dogs now many people especially like small pets, especially puppies. Now puppies are doing dog food, and they have professional dog food. This dog food is a little pet, puppy’s Stable, they love to eat very much,

  4. Dogs with special pet foods on the market are best to eat dog food from an early age, and dog food nutrition is very complete. If you feed people eat food, then you don't have to eat dog food anymore. So look at your own situation. Economic conditions are all factors.

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