5 thoughts on “How to remove insects to pet dogs, kill lice and tapeworms?”

  1. Pet deworming split deworming, in vitro deworming
    The internal deworming can be used to use Bayer and other insect repellent. The general dose is to use the dog's weight

    puppies or small dogs:
    0.5-2kg with 1/4 capsules
    Ne weight 2-5kg uses 1/2 capsule
    r 5-10kg. Use 1 capsule
    medium-sized dog:
    weight 10-20kg 10-20kg Use 2 capsules
    . The weight of 20-30kg is used
    Large dogs:
    40kg with 4 capsules
    The in vitro deworming can be used with great pets and Fleen.
    Apicking: Separate a hair of about 5cm in the middle of the dog's neck in the middle, and click the potion directly on the skin.
    1. Don't click at a point at a section of about 5cm.
    2. Be sure to click on the neck, which is where you can't lick.

  2. There are the following points after dogs infected with tapeworms: || Observe the size of the tapeworm; || Wipe the bites and tapeworms with wine with wine; Prevent secondary infections. It is recommended to remove insects for pets on time and reduce time.

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  3. You can go to the pet shop to buy a special pill and potion for deworming. Generally, the deworming medicine in Bayer in Germany is good. If the lice, you can take a lice ring or spray pets to remove the lice. Do not spray it. of

  4. If the in vitro parasites cannot be washed when bathing, it can be used for external ticks. This is relatively cheaper and the effect is good. It's better to worship. Dedication should be timely, otherwise it is easy to cause skin diseases when it takes a long time.

  5. I need to use 84 disinfection to the ground, take a bath for the dogs, and check the back of the ears after slipping. There is a favorite place for tapeworms.

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