1 thought on “Have KDEX HDEX registered a trademark? What other categories can be registered?”

  1. KDEX HDEX trademark total application volume 1 piece
    of which has been successfully registered, 1 is being applied, 0 is not effective, 0 pieces are on sale.
    CDEX HDEX can also register the following trademark classification:
    class 1 (chemical preparation)
    R n Category 3 (daily chemical supplies, washing, spices)
    Category 4 (energy, fuel, oil)
    Category 5 (medicine, sanitary products, nutritional products)
    Category 6 (metal products, metal building materials, metal materials)
    Category 7 (mechanical equipment, motor, transmission)
    Category 8 (manual appliance (small), tableware, cold weapons) r
    Category 9 (scientific instruments, electronic products, security equipment)
    Category 10 (medical equipment, medical supplies, adult products)
    Category 11 (lighting ware, hot and cold equipment, disinfection purification)
    Category 12 (transportation tools, loading tool parts)
    Class 13 (arms, fireworks, personal protection spray)
    Class 14 (jewelry, precious metal, clock)
    No. 1 15 categories (instruments, musical instruments and accessories)
    Category 16 (paper products, office supplies, stationery teaching aids)
    Category 17 (rubber products, insulation thermal insulation materials)
    Category 18 (luggage, leather leather goods, umbrellas)
    Category 19 (non -metal building materials)
    Category 20 (furniture, furniture parts, cushions)
    , Household utensils, washing utensils)
    Class 22 (rope, cable, hood, bag)
    Class 23 (gauze, thread, silk)
    Class 24 (textiles, bedding supplies Towel)
    Class 25 (clothing, shoe, hats, socks gloves)
    class 26 (jewelry, wig, buttons zipper)
    class 27 (carpet, seat pads, wallpaper)
    Class 28 (toys, sports and fitness equipment, fishing tackle)
    Class 29 (cooked food, meat egg milk, edible oil)
    Category 30 (noodles, condiments, drinks) r r
    Category 31 (fresh, animals and plants, feed seeds)
    Class 32 (beer, alcoholic beverages)
    Class 33 (wine, alcoholic drink)
    No. 1 Class 34 (tobacco, tobacco, tobacco utensils)
    Class 35 (advertising, business management, marketing)
    Class 36 (financial affairs, real estate management, pawn guarantee) Indoor decoration, maintenance)
    Class 38 (telecommunications, communication services)
    class 40 (material processing, printing, dirt treatment) Entertainment service)
    Class 42 (R

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