1 thought on “KDE software will generate virtual desktop when full screen”

  1. When the KDE software is full screen, a virtual desktop will be generated, which expands the desktop area that can be used for work.
    kde, the abbreviation of Kool Desktop. A well -known free graphic working environment on operating systems such as Linux, Unix, and FreeBSD. The entire system uses the QT program library developed by Trolltech. KDE and GNOME are the most popular desktop environment systems on the Linux operating system.
    KDE project was launched in October 1996, and its purpose was to establish a complete and easy desktop environment on X-Window. KDE now has heavyweight software such as KFM (similar to IE4.0), (similar), (similar), (similar), and GUI configuration software for considerate users can help users configure Unix/Linux, which is welcomed by users. Essence

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