1 thought on “Which cold wallet is easy to use in China?”

  1. Ku Shen.
    The texture is very good. There are three options for notes. If you don't like English, you can use full numbers or Chinese aid words. But the price is also expensive. Very expensive.
    Cobo is made by Shenyu. Similarly, it is very expensive. Both Ku Shen and Cobo represent the highest craftsmanship of the cold wallet. Cobo's steel plate aid words are also well received, but it is still very expensive. The chips are the highest level and are military level.
    imkey is enough for everyone to use this. fair price. There are functions that should be. Chinese people are also convenient to use.
    products and services
    since the establishment of Ku Shen, focusing on the research and development of hardware wallets. As of now, Ku Shen has launched a series of smart hardware wallet products (P series professional edition, T series card, E -series enterprise version), which covers many countries and countries and other countries and in many countries and Southeast Asia, including China, Japan, South Korea, the United States and Southeast Asia. area.
    Mu Shen Hardware Wallet uses blockchain technology, which is separated by hot and cold, and establishes a distributed data storage, point -to -point transmission, consensus mechanism, encryption algorithm and other computer technology in the Internet era. Centralized, non -tampered, and traceable distributed ledger functions, 360 degrees guarantee the safety of digital assets.

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