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  1. Following the Boshi Fund and the China -EU Fund, Yu'ebao introduced the third fund Hua'an Richelon Currency A. Many people have never heard of this fund before. So what exactly is Hua'an Riyin Currency A? Today I will analyze it from the aspects of security and expected income.
    . Hua'an Rihinxin Currency A safety analysis
    It to analyze the security of Hua'an Rihin Currency A. We can do it from the perspective of the fund background and the product itself:
    1. Fund Background
    In public information, it can be seen that Hua'an Rihinxin Currency A is a currency fund under Hua'an Fund.
    The Huaan Fund was established in June 1998. It is one of the first domestic fund management companies. The current total asset management scale is 299.502 billion yuan, of which the size of non -monetary funds is 116.279 billion yuan, ranking 13th in the industry.
    So the fund background of Hua'an Rihinxin Currency A is still very good.
    2. Product
    , as a currency fund, its own risk level is very low. Unless the financial crisis occurs, the security is very guaranteed. You can rest assured.
    . Hua'an Rihinxin Currency A expected income analysis
    According to the data, Hua'an Rihixin Currency A's annualized expected rate of return in the past seven days is 4.0230%(05-18), and 10,000 expectations per 10,000 copies The income is 1.1612 yuan (05-18).
    Mi people may feel very low. In fact, this is caused by the currency fund market. From the statistical data point of view, the average expected return of the currency fund in the past week is only 3.89%, so in comparison The expected income of Rihinxin Currency A is pretty good.
    It, the Central European Fund in Yu'ebao has only 3976%of the past seven -day annualization, and thousands of expected returns are 1.0291 yuan.
    Summary: From the perspective of security and expected income analysis, Hua'an Rihikin Currency A is a relatively good currency fund. If you are going to replace the fund products in Yu'ebao, try it to try it.

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