How to replace the RMB to the US dollar or Hong Kong dollars

I want to speculate in international gold, but there is no Hong Kong dollar and the US dollar. It needs to be replaced with US dollars and Hong Kong dollars to open an account. Can the bank be changed? Is there any restriction? I heard that it is necessary to need a variety of reasons, such as studying abroad, traveling, and so on. Is this so?

3 thoughts on “How to replace the RMB to the US dollar or Hong Kong dollars”

  1. You can change to Bank of China or Industrial and Commercial Bank of China. If you want to change a lot of things, you can go to the bank to make an appointment first. This is fine. There is no reason to get it. There are no restrictions!

  2. With an ID card in a bank, you can exchange no more than 50,000 US dollars per year. Please pay attention to the risk of traders and trading risks.

  3. Now you can exchange US dollars in the bank
    , the maximum amount per person is 50,000 US dollars within one year. You can redeem it at one time, or you can divide it many times, but you need to wait for the next year to wait for the next year. Forehead

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