How can I know the main force of funds in the stock market? Or are there any funds K -line diagrams?

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  1. The combination of transaction volume and K line.
    Whenever the stock price of the stock market is floating, there are always many shareholders and friends who use the net inflow or net outflow of the main funds as the basis for judgment of the stock price trend. Many people have misunderstood the concept of the main funds, so they will make mistakes, and they will not respond after losing money. Therefore, my sister will explain to you about the main funds today, and hopes to give some inspiration to the friends. Give everyone a suggestion, that is, to read all this article, especially the most important second point. Before starting, you may wish to get a wave of benefits-the selected bull stock list of the institution is released. Do n’t miss it if you pass by: [Telling the Secret] The list of cattle stocks recommended by the institution is leaked, and the speed-speed terminal! Intersection Intersection
    . What is the main funds?
    This funds are too large, and this kind of funds that will have a lot to do with the stock price of individual stocks. QFII, northbound funds), brokerage institutions funds, tourism, corporate major shareholders, etc. Of course, one of the main funds that simply triggered the storm of the entire stock market are of course northbound funds and brokerage institutions.
    General "North" refers to stocks in the Shanghai and Shenzhen cities. The Hong Kong funds and international capital flowing into the A -share market are therefore called northbound funds; the code of Hong Kong stocks is "South", so China Mainland funds are also called southbound funds. Why should northbound funds pay attention to, on the one hand, because there is a powerful investment research team behind the Northbound funds, and familiar with many retail investors that do not know, so "smart funds" is another title of northbound funds. Get some investment opportunities.

    The funds of the securities agency not only have channel advantages, but also have one -hand information. We generally have two standards for stocks. In the case, the main wave of individual stocks could not leave their funding power, so it was also called "sedan". The stock market market information knows that the faster the better, it is recommended to give you the investment artifact that pushes the market news in seconds- [stock market barometer] The first-hand information broadcast of the financial market
    . What is the impact of the main funds inflow on the stock price?
    Generally speaking, if the inflow of the main funds is greater than the outflow volume, it means that the supply in the stock market is much smaller than that, and the stock price will naturally rise; It means that the supply of confession is greater, and the decline in the stock price will become inevitable. Then the main capital flow has a great impact on the price direction of the stock. However, it is not very accurate to see the data that flows out of flowing out. It does not rule out a large amount of main funds flowing out, but the possibility of the stock price rises. One of the reasons is that the main force uses a small amount of funds and then increases the stock price. In the form of shipments, there were also retail investors to take over, and the stock price naturally rose. Therefore, only through a comprehensive and comprehensive analysis, only in this way can a high -quality stock be selected, setting up the stop loss and stopping position in advance, and continuous attention. Make corresponding measures in time is the small and medium investors in the stock market profitable in the stock market. The essential. If you do n’t have enough time to study a stock, you may wish to click the link below, enter the stock code you want to know, and conduct in -depth analysis: [Free] Test your current valuation location?

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  2. 1. At present, many free stock trading software on the market will have dynamic analysis of the main funds, and there are corresponding K -line charts on it. Just click to view it. The method of querying the main cost is: enter the K -line diagram of the stock, align the blank space of the mouse, hold the right button to drag out the rectangular box to the right, and the rectangular box is set to the K -line to query the time. In the dialog box that appears, the left -click "interval statistics" (some software is period statistics), and a dialog box will appear. The weighted average price is the main cost of the main force during a certain period of time. You can also adjust the time of manual adjustment at the start time and ending time to view the main cost of the main force during a certain period of time.
    2, the main force refers to the main force, generally refers to the dealer in the stock. Describe a person or institution that has one or more manipulating prices in the market or a stock to guide the market or stock price to run in a certain direction. The main stocks of general stocks have great similarities with the stock market dealer. The main force of the stock is an institution or large household with a large number of shares. Each stock is the main force, but it is not necessarily the dealer. The dealer can control the price of a stock, and the main force can only affect the fluctuation of the stock price in the short term.

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