Will Bitcoin value be zero? Google plans to be commercialized by quantum computing before 2029

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  1. (Si Jin Note: In 1994, mathematician Peter Shor announced a quantum algorithm that can break the security assumption of the most common asymmetric password algorithm. This algorithm has a private key through the public key, so as to falsify any digital signature. Does this mean that Bitcoin will be downloaded by quantum computer ... In fact, the centralized key system PKI will indeed have this risk because it is big because it is big because it is big because it is large Most applications are 6 of the CA 10. Massive compilation can be calculated by the central password book! That is to say, it is possible to fake PKI digital signatures. Watch it ... Repost below and share with you ... )

    Google plans to be commercialized by quantum computing before 2029. Will Bitcoin value be zero?

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    Source | Wall Street I heard

    量 量 pose a threat to Bitcoin?

    It before explaining this problem, you need to understand the following knowledge points.

    The classic computers adopt binary and build everything for the underlying code with 0 and 1. Quantum computers can store and represent 0 and 1 superimposed at the same time. Based on a hash function called SHA-256 (a function algorithm, which calculates a string into the SHA-256 function, it will output a 256-bit binary number). When each Bitcoin user is registered, the system will generate a random number, and then the random number of the SHA256 and then have Hash160, generating a string called private key. As a digital signature. The private key can be encrypted by a string of characters. The public key can encrypt the data and decrypt the private key. This encryption method is different from the key to decryption, which is called asymmetric encryption. There is no private key through the public key. If the private key is lost, the owner's Bitcoin cannot be removed.

    For the above reasons, because the correct value of SHA-256 is very difficult to calculate, the limited number of bitcoin will become extremely scarce and precious. At the same time, because the classic computers cannot be reached through the public key, the private Bitcoin cannot be obtained by others.

    But in 1994, mathematician Peter Shor announced a quantum algorithm that can break the most common security assumptions of asymmetric password algorithms. This means that anyone who has enough a large number of sub -computers can use this algorithm to use the public key to make a private key, thereby falsifying any digital signatures.

    . Therefore, in the face of quantum calculation, the mining of Bitcoin will become easy, and the private key can also be used through the public key. This makes Bitcoin no longer scarce or safe.

    The consensus of Bitcoin will collapse, and the value of Bitcoin will also be zero.

    Is about quantum mechanics, well -known, as well as the two phenomena, observant effects of light, and a famous ideological test -Xue Dingzheng's cat.

    The quantum world is so unreasonable that it has made it confused by saying that "God will not roll the dice".

    Anyway, the emergence of quantum computers has formed a huge challenge to classic computers. With the progress of the quantum computing research process, the cracking of Bitcoin may become possible before 2029.

    What is Google's quantum computing process?

    As early as 2019, Google published a paper published in the "Nature" magazine stated that the 54 bit (53 of which available) super -guide quantum chip "Sycamore" developed by its development was The 20 -depth circuit sampling one million times only takes 200 seconds. The strongest classic supercomputer Summit takes similar results, it takes 10,000 years. Based on this breakthrough, Google claims to achieve "quantum hegemony".

    . At the GOOGLE I/O conference recently, Hartmut Next, a scientist at the leader of Google Quantum AI (quantum artificial intelligence) team, said that Google plans to build a billions of dollars of quantum computers by 2029 and Form it for it.

    Google's goal is to build a computer with 1 million quantum bites. However, Google also stated that it is necessary to reduce the errors caused by quantum bites before considering building 1,000 quantum bits together as a logical quantum bit. This will lay the foundation for the "quantum transistor", and "quantum transistor" is the basis of future quantum computers. At present, Google's quantum computers are only less than 100 quantum bites. However, we must know that the Internet has been born for 52 years, and the first universal computer has been born for 75 years.

    Google is currently expanding a new park in California to focus on research on quantum computing. The expansion project will be officially completed by the end of 2020.

    The companies that invest and bet in the field of quantum computing, in addition to Google, there are IBM, D-Wave Systems, Honeywell.

    IBM Research Director Dario Gil once said that 2023 will be a turning point for quantum computing large -scale use. At that time Adjustment.

    The Vice President Chirag DeKate, Vice President of Gartner, said that in the past five years, the innovation speed of quantum computing has exceeded the previous 30 years. %Of large companies formulate quantum computing plans.

    A regard to confrontation of quantum computing, and research on quantum cryptography has occurred. An open source project called The Open Quantum Safe (OQS) was launched in 2016, with the goal of developing anti -quantum password forms.

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