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  1. To store currency value or accurate financial calculations, use the currency data type to replace the numerical type.
    The can use NTOM () and MTON () functions to turn the numerical and currency value to turn around. For more information, see the numerical data type, the NTOM () function, and the MTON () function.
    It to assign currency type data types, please use the US dollar symbol:
    money = $ 50.33
    moremoney = $ 675.43886
    . If you specify more than four decimals in the currency expression, Visual FoxPro is calculating This expression will be previously entered into four. In this example, the variable Moremoney was internally entered into 675.4389.
    Is when browse (Browse) windows and fields are displayed, or when they are listed in the screen, the currency fields follow the system settings such as SET CURRENCY.
    The detailed instructions for currency data types, see Visual FoxPro data and field types.

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