4 thoughts on “How much is the 10 yuan of Ulanbato?”

  1. The Mongolian currency used by Ulanbato, according to the exchange rate of Bank of China today, 10 Mongolia Tigrik is RMB 0.0257. About RMB 3 cents.
    The exchange rate of Bank of China today's listing of RMB and Mongolian currency is as follows:
    1 Mongolian Tigrik = 0.00257 RMB
    exchange rate: 0.00257
    Price: 0.00257
    Updated: January 13, 2020 10: 57
    Colonate according to the above exchange rate, obtained calculations:
    10x0.00257 = 0.0257 (yuan)
    Answer: It is RMB. 0.0257 yuan.

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