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  1. At this stage, everyone is predicted what the hotspot of 2022 will be?

    . Although the current cryptocurrency trading market is relatively sluggish, the world's cognition and acceptance of the crypto market has developed to an unprecedented height, so the future of the currency circle market is still bright. Looking back at the past history of the currency circle, whether it is a bull market or a bear market, the development of the blockchain industry has never stopped, and there will be new hotspots every year.

    It, from the various tracks appearing on the market, Defi already has a relatively mature development system, and large capital has invested considerable funds on this track. It can be said that the dividend period Basically, it has passed.

    It look at Gamefi again. We all know that the reason why gamefi was hot last year was largely because it innovatively joined Play to Earn's economic model, completely breaking the boundary of traditional games, but at the same time, we also saw that although those GMAEFI projects have excellent ones Economic models, but the playability of the game is lacking. Therefore, the future gamefi must be an excellent economic model on the one hand, and on the other hand, it must also have high playability. The game market is a sustainable and strong market. Therefore, more excellent gamefi works will definitely be born in the future. GameFi will still be an important hotspot in the development of the currency circle.

    The summary of five chain tour projects with huge potential.

    1, dar (DALARNIA)

    DAR is an action adventure game with a programming level. Players dig and combine various in -game items, improve their skills and equipment, find rare items, and obtain reward rewards. The project is a project based on the GAMIA (chromia), and one of the projects of the Launchpad of Binance. It can be said that the background and qualifications are quite excellent. At present, its governance token DAR has been launched in Binance, and the current price is relatively low, but the game has not officially opened mining. Projects with excellent background strength and games itself are relatively potential.

    2, uncharted

    UNCharted is the first Yuan universe game with human exploration of ocean and unknown continent, combining action adventure, SocialFi, NFT collection, and DAO governance. Players drove warships against the enemy, exploring the unknown of the ocean and gaining wealth in battle and adventure.

    The project is still in the early days. Looking at the official news, only a round of private equity and the first batch of 2,000 blind boxes were issued at a unit price of 100U. The governance tokens were not officially launched. The overall market value of the project was small. In addition, the official is to explore the concept of creating GameFi2.0. At present, no other projects have the concept of GAMEFI2.0 on the market. This is also considered by the project party to seize an opportunity to hype. The currency circle is actually a place where the hotspot is constantly creating, and each hotspot is born from a subtle place. Like this project that is still in the early days, coupled with the project party's use of its own premium advantages, it is very hopeful to create a GAMEFI2.0 hotspot. Then, it has become the leading project of this concept.

    3, bigtime

    bigtime is a multi -person RPG game, combining fast action battles, collecting NFT and teaming with friends for cross -space -time adventure. This game, due to the luxury of its founding team, Ari Meilich, the founder of CEO for the CEO, and other members, such as "World of Warcraft" and "League of Legends", are currently more popular in the circle. Its land NFT has been issued and the currency has not been issued. According to the current news, all its currency can only be produced by mining after the game is launched, without pre -sale and private placement.

    4, voxie

    Voxie a fast -paced free tactical role -playing game! Complete the task, defeat your enemies, and get the cryptocurrencies and items you really have at the same time. This project is also a project in Launchpad in Binance. It has been launched by the token VOXEL. It is also a project with a strong background. At the same time, its development team is also luxurious. The main problem now is that the game now comes out is more difficult to play, but this is just temporary. The project has not been really hyped as a whole, and the fundamentals are excellent.


    Second live is a "diversified 3D virtual space", which is focused on the SocialFi concept. Players can create content in it through virtual identity, so as to obtain reward rewards, and they can also experience the displaying worlds, such as virtual exhibitions, singing dancing, shopping, doing business, etc. The project currently issues two coins and SLTs. Now players can do some bean on the official website every day, and then bean can take pledges to get SLT.

    above, it is to drink 5 projects shared by everyone. These projects have their own advantages. Some coins have been issued and launched, but they have not been realized. ; Some projects are still in the early days, and there is considerable potential to bring new hotspots. It has a large market imagination, such as Uncharted ......

    In future gamefi projects, it is bound to pay back It will continue to be an important force to promote the use of blockchain. I believe that gamefi hotspots will continue in 2022 ...

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