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  1. AOICNT can form Action.
    action Reading [ˈækʃ (ə) n] Beauty [ˈækʃ (ə) n]
    nnnn. Stimulating activities (or events); role; start (instructions starting filming); opportunity to make money
    v. Treatment
    vocabulary matching:
    fake action fake action
    Rcovery action taxation operation ; Chase Action
    Remedy Action Repair behavior
    Word usage: Action can also refer to the "behavior" in performed, and it can also refer to the "plot" of stories, drama or movies, drugs or chemicals, etc. ; Effects "," Fighting; Combat "and so on.
    action is mostly used for multiple forms when it is used as a number of nouns. Action's plural forms often correspond to Words when they refer to people's "behavior".
    action often uses its single form in the main event that occurs in the drama or book, and the previously fixed crown words The Corporation. Action can add uncertainty when there are modified words, but in the take action, even if there is adjective modification, there is no uncertainty.

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