1 thought on “CNT files transform into pictures”

  1. Step:
    1. Create an empty file
    2. Cyber ​​tools-> Import CNT files (CNT and HCD can be imported)
    3. Drawing tools-> Selected selection box
    Selecting it to win. The bit
    4. The horizontal machine tool-> compression, separation
    Method: compression, separation
    function line: 7: Diagage weaving timely eyes
    : not checked to check
    Filling 23 paragraphs
    Click [Execute]
    The means that I want to compress the 7th segment of the functional line in the 7th section of the function line, compress the existing 23 segments, and leave it to keep the existence of 23 segments. The lines of other degrees of eyes
    5. After compression, you can reply. Select [Reply] there, and then click [Executive].
    6. After compression is completed, use
    drawing tools-> Select the selection box
    It is 1 color, and 9 colors are replaced with 2 colors
    . 8,9,10 in the last line of the rose into the corresponding 1,2,3 color 8. Menu bar-> file-> Save it to
    Input Save the file name, just save it

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