What is the difference between pspice and Multisim?

Excuse me, as a circuit simulation software, what is the difference between Multisim and PSPICE. We are learning Multisim now, is there any need to pspice again? Thanks!

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  1. I. Different institutions for design and development
    1, PSPice: In 1972, it was developed by the computer -assisted design team of the University of California, Berkeley in the United States.
    2, Multisim: It is a simulation tool based on Windows (Ni) Co., Ltd.
    . Different uses
    1, PSPICE: Computer -assisted design mainly used for large -scale integrated circuits.
    2, Multisim: The design of the plate -level simulation/digital circuit board.
    . Different characteristics
    1, pspice: Friendly graphics interface, easy to learn and easy to use, simple operation; strong practicality, good simulation effect; powerful function, high integration. rn2、Multisim:直观的图形界面、丰富的元器件、强大的仿真能力、丰富的测试仪器、完备的分析手段、独特的射频(RF)模块、强大的MCU模块、完善的后处理、 Detailed report and good compatibility information conversion.
    Reference information Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-PSPICE
    Baidu Encyclopedia-Multisim

  2. PSpice is a general circuit analysis program developed by SPICE (Program with Circuit Emphasis) for microcomputer series. In 1972, the computer -assisted design team of the University of California, Berkeley, was developed by Fortran language, which was mainly used for computer -aided design for large -scale integrated circuits. SPICE (Program with Circuit Emphasis) software used to simulate circuit simulation was developed by the computer -assisted design team of the University of California Berkeley in 1972, mainly used for computer -aided design of large -scale integrated circuits. SPICE's official version of Spice 2G was officially launched in 1975, but the operating environment of this program was at least small machines. In 1985, the University of California Berkeley rewritten SPICE software in C language and was launched by Microsim. SPICE was designated as a national industrial standard in 1988. At the same time, various commercial analog circuit simulation software with SPICE as the core has done a lot of practical work on the basis of SPICE, so that SPICE is the most popular electronic circuit simulation software.
    multisim is a Windows -based simulation tool launched by the National Instrument (NI) Co., Ltd., which is suitable for the design work of the plate -level simulation/digital circuit board. It contains the graphics input and circuit hardware description language input method of the circuit schematic diagram, which has rich simulation analysis capabilities. Engineers can use Multisim to build circuit schemes interactively and simulate the circuit. Multisim has refined the complex content of SPICE simulation, so that engineers can quickly capture, simulate and analyze new designs without knowing the in -depth SPICE technology, which also makes it more suitable for electronic education. Through Multisim and virtual instrument technology, PCB design engineers and electronic educators can complete a complete comprehensive design process from theoretical to schematic capture and simulation to prototype design and testing.

  3. The PSPICE model is more complete. It is recommended that you use Tina 9.0, free software. awesome. You can do DC analysis, communication analysis, instantaneous analysis, Fourier transformation, noise analysis, etc. ·

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