Central Bank: Increasing support for the real economy will bring to my country's economic development?

4 thoughts on “Central Bank: Increasing support for the real economy will bring to my country's economic development?”

  1. The introduction of this rule can effectively promote the development of my country's real economy. The real economy is very important for the economy of a country. If the real economy is sluggish, then the economic development of the entire country will also have problems, so the real economy is a very important part for a big country. In fact, my country has always been vigorously developing the real economy, because for a country with a large population density in my country, creating more jobs is very critical, and the intuitive advantages brought by the development of the real economy vigorously It can create more employment positions, so my country has not given up its support for the real economy before.
    The real economy can be said to be the economic pillar of a country. Even if the country is in economic difficulties, the real economy will still not be fragrant. The so -called real economy, that is, a factory enterprise with factories and actual equipment. Then even if the factory has a shortage of capital chain or difficulty in operation, the factory will not disappear directly at this time. The factory has a pavement and equipment that can be used for mortgage, so the biggest benefit of the real economy is that it will bring some buffer to the economic decline.
    Compared with the real economy, the foam economy is very fast after the problem occurs. The foam economy, as the name implies, is like a bubble. This foam seems to be glorious, but once it is poked, it will disappear immediately, and the disappearance of the foam economy will cause all the funds to be invested. There is nothing in the true sense.
    The so -called bubble economy is actually the virtual economy. The more representative virtual economy is actually investment in Bitcoin. There are many hidden dangers in investment methods such as Bitcoin. Because once the investment fails, investors will have nothing, so vigorously developing the real economy will provide a favorable guarantee for my country's future economy.

  2. It can promote the development of foreign trade exports in my country, bring more new economic growth, and promote financial institutions to the affected individuals, enterprises and other people, and can promote economic development. To better develop the real economy and reduce the proportion of the foam economy.

  3. In order to promote the steady economic recovery after the epidemic and achieve stable and healthy development, macro policies can be adjusted moderately on a steady tone. On July 9, the People's Bank of China decided to reduce the deposit reserve of 0.5 percentage points on July 15th, and it is estimated that the release of long -term funds is about 1 trillion yuan. This will help further optimize the financial structure of financial institutions, enhance financial services, and better support the real economy.

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