1 thought on “What's wrong with the candle map?”

  1. The disadvantage of the candle map is a pair of twin brothers -it is a sensitive technical signal, which is easier to bring pseudo signals. Judging from my common sense, the average person looks at the weather today. It is estimated that the weather tomorrow or a little grasp. It is estimated that the day after tomorrow is not unsatisfactory, and the day after tomorrow may not be reliable. The same reason should be applied to market research. In other words, if we ordinary investors want to predict the market in the next day, it will need at least one day of historical data; if the market is needed to predict the market in the next six months, at least the past six months of historical data. Of course, with the growth of market technical analysis experience. Our feelings will become more and more keen, and the insight into the currency field will be more and more knowledgeable. This is "enlightenment".
    In the use of candle charts to extremes, some friends often compare the power of buyers and sellers in the market according to a candle line to "calculate" the future market trend. If you do n’t believe it, please listen to the stock market reviews, and the market reviews in the radio, and overwhelm the prediction articles of the securities newspapers. As a result of this, it is inevitable in most cases.
    Analysis of the market, it is best to first go into the market. Then we can understand the whole symphony, and finally go logically, and pick up the suitable melody. Candle chart technology should be one of our important means of analyzing the market, but our means should not be limited to candle chart technology.

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